Vagina Under A Bridal Nighty For Honeymoon Is As Important As The Physical Intimacy It Takes Part In!

In my last blog, I threw some light on the importance of vaginal hygiene and some simple tips that every woman should use to maintain her vaginal hygiene, irrespective of her age, sexual activity, or any other such factor.


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Vaginal hygiene is one such issue, and hardly any woman talks about it openly. This unawareness of women towards their own vaginas gives companies a boon to scam them, and the vaginal cleanser is one such sham that is literally dictating the market today. In their urge to keep their vaginas clean, some women use these cleansers every day, while many others couple it with their sexy nightwear dresses for honeymoon or other special nights to enhance their physical intimacy. However, using these vaginal cleaners once in a while or even on a regular basis negatively affects your vaginal health rather than benefiting it.

Let’s have a look at some tips that help you maintain your vaginal health in a better way.

No Scents Down There

The popularity and sales that vaginal cleansers enjoy due to the unawareness of women regarding basic vaginal hygiene, has triggered the inception of more such useless products in the market such as vaginal scrub, scents, and scented wipes to keep the vagina either fresh, or clean, or good-smelling.  These products do no good to your vagina rather open doors for severe infections. Using vaginal scrubs, on the other hand, leads to peeling of the vaginal skin which can further lead to infections.

Safe Sex is Healthy Sex

Safe sex is the right sex not only for your vagina but for a number of other reasons. Unprotected sex can lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, warts, syphilis, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Thus, use condoms to avoid any of these or any kind of vaginal infection. Moreover, make sure to check whether the quality of the condoms suits you down there or not.

Also, avoid using lubes as they harm your vagina and expose you to infections. Using lubricants that contain glycerin in it, in turn, ups the chances of STIs such as Herpes and HIV(2) by irritating the vaginal cells.

If your partner shows any signs of any of these STIs, do not indulge in sex with him until these signs resign or till your doctor advises you to.

Wipe It Right

The accurate way of wiping is from front to back that is from your vagina to the anus, and not the other way round. If you wipe from your anus to the vagina, you introduce harmful bacteria from behind to your vagina.

No Tight Fits

It is highly recommended to wear panties made from cotton as it lets your vagina breathe. Wearing synthetic inners or tight panties interferes with the air circulation down there and leads to sweating. Excessive moisture down there leads to the formation of harmful bacteria and yeast which further leads to vaginal infections.

Finally, as right care leads to enhanced vaginal health, the right one piece sexy dress for women leads to better physical intimacy. For the best lingerie pieces, hop in the product listings NOW!