Not often slipping in lace lingerie for women and other mistakes that might be ruining your sex life!

Many women tend to unsee the advantages of wearing sexy nightwear, and the role it plays in enhancing a couple’s sex life. Sexy lingerie conveys your naughty intentions for the night and drives him crazy. A few blogs ago, we had elaborately discussed the advantages of wearing sexy lingerie.


In this blog, we are highlighting some of the common unknown mistakes that you or your partner might be guilty of which is ruining your physical intimacy. Sex is not just the way of satisfying each other physically, but the mental satisfaction that follows is paramount in every relationship. A healthy sex life augments the happiness and trust factor in a relationship. Physical intimacy also brings you mentally nearer to your partner. In fact, many studies have concluded that couples who have great sex life during their younger days, tend to be closer and tightly knitted during their older age.

Being A Couch Potato

Not exercising daily whether normal home workouts or harder gym sessions, might leave you feeling lazy and at an extreme loss of energy. When you do not feel energetic, your sex drive too is ruined, and this might be a staunch reason why your overall physical intimacy is affected. Thus, make it a habit to work out daily as it augments your stamina, and enhances your sex drive as well as your performance while intercourse.

Not Reserving The Time For The Act

If you believe that sex happens naturally, and it cannot be planned, let me burst the bubble, my friend. After few years of marriage, when you have kids, work commitments, and other miscellaneous responsibilities, there comes a point where you need to take off time for sex. It might sound technical, but trust me on this one. If you do not commit time for sex, you might keep it pushing to the other hour or the other night, and eventually will wonder when was the last time you had sex. Thus, select your nights, slip in a short night dress for women, light some candles, and start indulging in each other for the night.

Skipping Any Chances To Connect

Now that you know, the tower of commitments is snatching away your and your partner’s private time, make sure to not let go of any single moment that offers you a chance to connect with him say while doing dishes, traveling back home, doing laundry or anything else where you two can just talk to each other. Small talks help you to reconnect on a deeper level and remind you of the love and the bond you share which at times gets overshadowed by other priorities.

Do Not Wait For It To Happen

With growing age, and especially after pregnancy, a woman’s estrogen levels start tumbling down, and the sex drives reduce considerably. Thus, do not waste your time thinking that when I am completely in the mood, I will do the act. Rather, start kissing, cuddling, and touching him, even if you are not in the mood, and things will catch fire without you even realizing it.

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