Must-have for Bridegrooms –bow ties for men and more!

When it comes to marriages, there are tons of blogs and articles revolving around the to-do lists and the must-have for the brides and even the bridesmaids, but the same cannot be said for a bridegroom. There are specific blogs that talk about the ethnic essentials or the special clothing needs of the groom, but there are not many blogs that talk about a range of accessories like ethnic brooches and formal bow ties for men.

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Depending on the number of pre and post marriage functions and the formal ensembles you want to wear in these, you need to invest in ties for men. A tie is essential when you plan to wear a suit or a tux for any event, whether wedding or not. Thus, it would be best if you got a tie for a navy blue suit or any other coloured suit or tux, and the more formal you wear, the more the number of ties. While some of the accessories cannot be repeated frequently as the wedding functions are done like pocket watches and ethnic brooches, on the other hand, you can repeat a tie every time you wear a suit for an office event.


This is another essential that is always needed by a man whether he is getting married or not. However, when you are the bridegroom, and considering the number of instances when you will need to flash your wallet and reduce the cash in it, it is essential to have a classy wallet. Moreover, this will be a long-time investment as you can continue using it even after the wedding celebrations are done.


Why mention watches specifically when most men already have a few in their wardrobe? Of course, a wristwatch is a must-have for every man, and you too might be owning a few. But a wedding is a special celebration, and while your bride is investing in some statement jewelry pieces, you too should gift yourself some luxury watches. You can also get a pocket watch for that royal look and elite feeling with your ethnic outfits.

Pearl Necklaces

Can an ethnic look for a bridegroom be complete without some stunning pearl jewelry? This one is a definite must-have and one of the few accessory options for sherwanis and jodhpurs for men.

Bow ties for men

These are a good investment, as you can reuse them in any office or meeting with a suit or tux. Bow ties for men come in a range of colour options and patterns, and depending on your fashion quotient, you can experiment with them for your formal wedding looks.

Bandhani Stool

As I mentioned earlier, there are not many options available to men regarding Indian wear. Being the bridegroom, you need to stand out from the other well-dressed men in your wedding. Thus, Indian accessories for men come in handy here. You can try Kashmiri pashmina shawls or bandhani dupattas that can work as an add-on to enhance your Indian wear outfit’s look.

Ethnic Brooch

Another beautiful accessory to better the look of your kurta, jodhpuri, or sherwani is by pairing it with a beautiful ethnic brooch. Less is more stands correct in the case of ethnic brooches for men, and it is single-handedly enough to maximise the look of your Indian ensemble for men.

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Classic Perfumes

This is a must-have for every man in every scenario, but if you are the groom, this is a requisite you cannot do without. Indian weddings involve a lot of dancing and other physical movements, and smelling like fresh beef is necessary all around the clock. You do not want to smell like a rotten egg after your sangeet ceremony or wedding reception?

Pocket Square

Like ethnic brooches are for Indian clothing for men, pocket squares are for formal wear such as suits and tuxedos. If you wear a suit or a tuxedo for the main wedding functions like your engagement, sangeet, or reception, a pocket square is a must to underline your ensemble. When you decide to buy a pocket square online or offline, make sure it matches the bow tie that you are wearing with your outfit.

I hope this list helps you pick up the best mates for your wedding outfits.