Short night dress for ladies and other sexual myths!

Billebon considers its blogs a means to talk and acknowledge about the topics that are in a broader spectrum always shied away from. Our blogs encompass several important topics such as menstruation, vaginal hygiene, breast cancer, and waxing to name a few.


In this blog, we are stressing on a topic that even most of the couples refrain from discussing with each other forget anyone else. Sex is already a taboo in India, and no one acknowledges this is a natural need of the body and we probably are still many generation away from the time when sex will become a normal topic for dinner table discussions.

Let’s debunk some myths related to sex and try understanding some real facts associated with the same because many of these myths are ruining the fun associated with physical intimacy between many couples.

Myth – Good Sex Just Happens

This myth is the most dangerous one as it has practically ruined a mammoth number of relationships. We feel that we should immediately strike chemistry with someone, and if that does not happen, we go to the extent of breaking the relationship. Many people believe that good sex happens on its own and if you need to add in some extra efforts say do some satin nighty online shopping or any other efforts, we start feeling that something is missing or broken.

Monotone is boring even in sex irrespective of how deeply you love someone, so putting in some extra efforts at times by either of the partners is not at all a bad option.

Myth – There is Something Wrong With Me

You are not the only one my friend, yes, I am talking to you. Everyone at some or the other time feel that the amount of sex they have, or their sexual desires, or their bodies, or literally something completely random bothers them and they feel something is wrong with them.

When you question your normalcy, in other sense you are asking whether something that you are doing, or desire is normal or not? Until it is happening between two consenting adults, everything is fine and normal. Everyone has differing sexual needs, desires and fantasies, thus you cannot treat specific traits as normal and others as abnormal.

Myth – Orgasm In Women Is Equal To Only Penetration

In India itself more than half of the individuals getting into physical relation believe that a woman must orgasm solely by vaginal intercourse and no other stimulation is needed. This myth is as stupid as believing that two parallel lines can ever intersect.

Clitoris is the dictator of the universe of a female orgasm, and hardly any woman can orgasm without stimulating this small pearl-like vaginal part. A woman’s body works like this, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Myth – My brain is the ruler

In sex, things are little different, so not having an erection or getting wet, or discharging too early or not discharging at all and many other such situations are out of your brain’s control. Many times, people get frustrated when their bodies do not behave the way their brains want while having sexual intercourse and end up hating their body. This gives rise to several anxiety and performance issues.

These are some of the most common myths and have you believed any of these, now you know. Also, shop for the best satin night suits online India by hopping on our website.