Because Vaginal Hygiene is as Essential as Sexy transparent nighties for women!

I can rightly say that Billebon blogs are not just a means for promoting our lingerie and other products, but a way in which we can create awareness in the community regarding a number of crucial issues related to women, that are otherwise shied away from.

In the past number of blogs, we have discussed menstruation and other things associated with it at length.


Like menstruation, sex, vaginal hygiene as well is a taboo in India and women hesitate over discussing it amongst themselves as well, so the question of consulting a gynecologist or someone else in this regard does not even arise.

As the title suggests in this blog I will highlight some vaginal hygiene tips that every woman needs to follow irrespective of their age.

Maintain the Dryness of the Undergarments

If you do not wipe your vagina after peeing, you not only cause your panties to stink, but also expose yourself to various vaginal infections due to wet panties. Thus, after you urinate, make sure to wipe your vagina with toilet paper or a soft cloth and do not let your panties get wet.

The fluids or the vaginal discharges imply that your vagina is healthy. Using talcum powders down there or vaginal cleansers or constantly wiping it can lead to itchiness and dryness in the vagina. It can also make sex painful and prone to injury.

Many women have a tendency to use talcum powders or vaginal cleansers to make their vagina feel fresh to the partner for their special nights. Please do not do this, a sexy transparent dress for women suffices, so do not torture your vagina.

Vaginal Hygiene during Menstruation

Your vagina deserves special care while menstruating. A number of gynecologists suggest women with normal flow change their pads in four to six hours, and this rule applies even on days with lighter flow. However, if you have a heavy flow, change your pad every three to four hours. If you use a tampon, be sure to change it every six hours.

Moreover, make sure to clean your vagina every time you visit a washroom while menstruating.

If sanitary napkins or tampons are not changed within a prudent time span, it leads to foul odor and in many cases also exposes the women to infections.

Finally, in cases where women use reusable cloth pads, make sure to wash and dry them appropriately before reusing them.

Vaginal Cleaning After Intercourse

Wash your vagina every time you indulge in sex. Body fluids and the particles from condoms can cause itchiness and irritation in the vagina, if not washed. Not leaning your vagina after sexual intercourse can also expose you to various vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Your Vagina Has Natural Cleansers

There is a reason why your vagina is called a QUEEN! Vagina has its natural cleansing process and using harsh soaps loaded with chemicals such as glycerol, perfumes and antiseptics disturb the natural Ph of the vagina that leads to irritation down there and the growth of unhealthy bacteria. The same logic applies to the vaginal cleansers as well, and let me bust the bubble fam, vaginal cleansers are the biggest scam of the decade.

No Douching Please

Douche is a device that flushes water into the vagina to clean it. This process also involves the usage of certain chemicals that can affect the natural vaginal ph and disrupt the natural vaginal bacterial balance. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that douching protects you against vaginal or urinary infections.

For more such tips, stay tuned for our next blog that lists more such tips, and for browsing through a myriad of women hot & sexy night dress, jump to the product listings now.