What Not To Eat During Menstruation?

We celebrate and discuss femininity at length here. We have talked a lot about menstruation in our previous blogs as well.

Some Tips To Better Your Menstruation Experience!

When it comes to Menstruation, women have a mixed emotion to express it. If it was not for your monthly chums, your body would not be able to conceive and carry forward generation after generation. It is also cleaning your uterus every month. But the pain, mood swings and cramps it brings along can also not be completely ignored.

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After one beautiful parameter of womanhood, let's come to another not so beautiful one-MENSTRUATION. The most dreaded aspect of bleeding five days a month is the body pain and mood swings that accompany it.

Here is a list of things to avoid eating to reduce the cramps and other menstrual issues.


I know you read it twice. Eating salt in moderate quantities is not going to harm you. But if you are someone who takes a pinch of it as an add-on with every meal, that is a problem. Consuming excessive quantities of salt results in water retention which causes bloating. So, during menstruation or otherwise avoid foods with excessive sodium in it.


Consuming high quantities of sugar result in a rise in energy followed by an immediate crash. Such kind of instant rise and fall in energy can worsen your mood. Thus, if you experience severe mood swings during your periods, check your sugar intake.


Drinking coffee too during periods causes water retention which results in bloating. However, if you are a habitual coffee drinker, consider reducing the number of cups each day, rather than altogether eliminating it, as caffeine withdrawal all of a sudden can result in headaches.

I know some of these might be your favorite and giving up on them while menstruating, can be a little sacrifice. So, a better solution to ease out your mind is shopping. Buy night shorts online India or some sexy lingerie or a pretty dress or a classy watch, whatever your heart aches for. Trust me, shopping is the best medicine for a woman’s heart.


Alcohol consumption during menstruation can trigger many of your already existing signs. For example, drinking alcohol can result in dehydration that can worsen headaches. Moreover, alcohol can also lead to digestive problems such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.


Even if your stomach can handle spices well and you are a regular spicy food consumer, then to avoid more spices during your period. If you constantly complain of stomach aches and burning sensation in your urinary tract and stomach during periods, try skipping excessive spices from your food and see the change.

Minimize the consumption of these items and see if it helps you better your menstrual cramps and mood swings. Lastly, indulge in some shopping during your chums like best night wears for ladies in India or anything else of your choice, so you at least have one reason to look forward to your periods.