Rocking in a Lingerie!!

Buying a sexy lingerie is one thing, and pulling it off like a diva is another. In the previous blog, we saw some of the tips to rule in lingerie and raise the bedroom temperature.


Let’s continue the spree and have a look at more such tips.

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Talking about sexiness, it is not just in the outfit you wear, it is in the way you carry it. Here are some handy tips to rock your lingerie look and turn him on.

Store The Boxes

If your lingerie is a complicated piece of sexiness with a number of strings or knots to be attached here and there, do a favour to yourself by not discarding the packaging of the lingerie. The display picture on the package will help you to tie the strings prudently.

Let Him Know What’s In Store

Wear your sexy lingerie beneath your regular outdoor outfit and give him some hints, when you are outdoors surrounded by people. Trust me, the sheer amount of excitement to see it and then rip it off will turn him on to a level above your expectations.

Freshen Up Before Getting In

If you are back after a tiring day, no matter how excited you are to get in your sexy piece, take a shower and cleanse your body and mind before stepping in it. If you are tired, no matter how sexy you look in the nighty, you will not feel your best until you are rejuvenated.

Personal Grooming

Just buying a sexy satin night dress online India will make you look sexy, but to make him feel unreasonably attracted you need to take care of your basic hygiene as well. Get rid of your arms, legs and underarms hair and make sure your mouth and body smell good. Also, if you have dry skin or chapped lips, apply a good moisturizer or a lip balm.

Rule It Like A Literal Diva

Don’t just wear a sexy nightwear dress in India and go straight up to him and sit or sleep around him. It is your night and you are the queen. Imagine walking on a ramp and pose for him. Show off your sexy body under a hot lingerie.

Let Him Decide

Men and women have extensively varied prospects over things, what you might find hot would probably not interest him that much and vica versa. Once in a while let him decide the tone for the night. Take him to your favorite lingerie store or hand him the laptop and let him choose the one he wants to see you in.


If you are bold enough, try choosing and styling your lingerie by taking some inspiration from movies or themes that are different.

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