In a previous blog, we already had a look around all the basic bra types that every woman’s wardrobe should consist of.


In this blog, let's analyze why the fitting of your bra can make or break your outfit, and choosing the right bra fit is of utmost importance.

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Why is a well-fit bra a gift from heaven

Why is a well-fit bra a gift from heaven?

I always say, lingerie shopping is no joke and rightly so, my fellow women readers will agree. Finding that perfect bra is like hitting a jackpot, there are no prescribed rules to find one as every brand offers different fits for specific sizes and every body structure is different.

However, like the best night dress for women is the one that enhances your curves, the best bra is the one that fits you like your own skin. Here is a list of reasons, why am I emphasizing so much on a well-fit bra.

Enhances Your Posture

Enhances Your Posture

A perfect fit bra improves your posture.  It provides a better support to your chest and your back is straight owing to it.  Your shoulders are also not slouched and a well-fit bra adds no extra layers to unwanted areas.

Confidence Booster

When you know your bra is exactly doing what it should, you are no longer distracted by your underwear and you can completely focus on being fabulous!

Betters Your Health

Shocked! A good bra can work wonders on women constantly having back pains owing to bras, especially women with heavier breasts. A bra that supports your breasts properly can reduce backaches, skin irritation and pain in the chest.

Makes You More Active

Makes You More Active

When your sports bra fits you perfectly when you are working out or when in office your push-up bra or T-shirt bra fits you properly, you no longer worry about your lingerie and can completely focus on what you are doing without worrying about your boobs moving uncomfortably.

Enhances Your Outfit

As I said at the beginning, a good bra can make your outfit and a bad one can completely ruin it. No outfit is complete without a specific bra beneath it, if it fits you well it will enhance the outfit to a large extent. Similarly, if it does not fit you well, it will completely destroy the look of the outfit and spoil your day.

Works On The Shape Of Your Boobs

In the initial years when you have just hit puberty, the fitting of a bra is of utmost priority as it plays a vital role in shaping your breasts.

Say NO To Constant Back Pains

Say NO To Constant Back Pains

Many times, women complain about constant backaches and one primary reason for that could be an ill-fitted bra. Thus, rectify the size of your bra and see how it reduces your back pain.

In a nutshell, a well-fit bra is your second skin. While there are a number of parameters for choosing the best night dress online in India, when it comes to a bra there is only one-ITS FIT.