Add A Pinch to Your Beauty!!

In a previous blog, I mentioned how drinking water boosts your metabolism, helps you in weight control and radiates your skin. Read more benefits of drinking water.


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Enhance beauty in a natural way

While the market is flooded with tons of skin, body and hair products to exemplify your beauty, I still prefer natural steps over chemical loaded products. Let’s see some simple hacks to enhance your beauty.


You might have noticed that no matter how much moisturizer you dip your skin in, it gets dull and dry after sometime. Scientifically speaking, your skin produces new cells and the old cells die every day. The dead cells are settled on the top layer of the skin. Thus, moisturizing this dead skin is of no use, rather exfoliating it will help you get rid of dead cells from your skin.


You read it right, sex is the ultimate beauty enhancer. One make-out session each day, helps you get flushed cheeks, luscious lips and glowing skin. Many studies have concluded that sex helps makes you look younger, as your skin release toxins during the make out session.  To add in a pinch of spice to this hack, buy yourself a hot ladies night dress in India.

Say NO to Alcohol and Cigarettes

Cigarettes and alcohol do no good to your skin, in fact they worsen it. Smoking cigarettes enter around 4000 toxins in your body with each puff. Alcohol, on the other hand, results in dryness of skin and puffy eyes. So, quit smoking and drinking completely to enhance your skin.

Beauty sleep

There is a reason why the phrase ‘’Beauty Sleep’’ is so famous. When you sleep, your body is in rest mode and your cells renew during that time. If you do not get proper sleep, it can leave your face tired and disrupt the wear and tear of your skin. So, get a proper eight hour sleep every night.

Keratin is the key

Keratin is a form of protein which is the key structure in our nails and hair. Eat a protein-rich diet to strengthen your hair. Rather than infusing your hair with chemicals, a protein-rich diet enhances your hair with natural keratin. It's not always what you apply to your hair that matters, but what you put in your body matters too.

Eyebrows underline your beauty

A vital feature of your face is your eyebrows. Well-shaped and properly groomed eyebrows instantly enhance your facial features. Bushy eyebrows on the other hand, rob your face of it’s natural beauty. There are various ways like plucking, threading or waxing for getting your eyebrows done, select the one you are most comfortable with and chisel your brows regularly.

In conclusion, be happy from within so that it reflects on your body, face and mind.

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