Panties Are Not That Simple After All!!

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed all the basic types of underwear that a woman in contemporary times must own.


Lets deeply analyze the hazards of wearing ill-fit underwear for women.

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Underwear mistakes women should avoid

Too Tight Is Never Right

An unnecessarily tight underwear is both uncomfortable to the wearer as well as the on-looker, I mean who wants to look at those visible bulges. Moreover, it also leads to vaginal infection and irritation and itching in your pubic area. As a tight hot night dress for honeymoon can ruin the night, similarly a tight underwear can spoil your day.

Shapewear and Its Interference

These days, there are many women’s underwear available which also work as shapewear. They tuck your tummy and the lower belly and give you a flat stomach on the outer appearance. However, these panties can often result in nerve impingement and decreased circulation in these areas. Shapewears make constant peeing a task, as it is difficult to constantly take it down. Thus, most women prefer not peeing rather than going through the task. This leads to urinary problems and in worst cases can also lead to kidney stones.

Breathable Fabrics Only

When it comes to women’s underwear options, the market is flooded with numerous fabric options. While lace, satin and the like look sexy, they do not let your skin down there breathe. Thus, you can choose any underwear fabric of your choice, but it’s crotch area should be made from cotton, so it can be breathable down there.

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No Thongs Please

First of all, who are those who can even think of wearing a thong as a daily wear, unless under a hot night dress for women until the gameplay of course. Keeping my personal view aside, many studies also suggest that a thong is more likely to spread bacterial infection as it becomes a gateway for the germs and bacteria from the back to come to the front.

No Panty Nights

No Panty Nights

Many studies suggest that sleeping without underwear is a better option than sleeping with one at night. It lets the skin down there freely breathe.

The Above Rule Is Not for The Days

In the daytime, you wear a variety of outfits and your vagina definitely needs a linen. Also, going without underwear means your vaginal moisture will have nowhere to go and it will end up wetting your outfits. Thus, reserve the No Panty rule only for the nights.

Allergic Detergents

Allergic Detergents

If everything is well down there, yet you experience itching and uneasiness in your pubic area, you need to consider your detergent that goes in washing your underwear. These detergents have highly concentrated chemicals that affect your sensitive pubic area. A woman's vaginal skin is thinner and more sensitive than the elbow skin, so even a little allergic component can affect the vaginal Ph balance.

So, the next time while lingerie online shopping in India take care while selecting your underwear.