2021-Yay And Nay Products!!

I am excited for 2021 with a deep prayer in my heart to heal the pain that 2020 gave us. This troublesome year is finally ending, and we have more than one reason to celebrate the ending of this year.

Now, that 2021 is fast approaching, let's have a look at things which we need to have in 2021 and things we need to bid adieu. So, ladies raise a toast for 2021!

The Must Haves

Disposal transparent plastic gloves in India

We have to welcome 2021 with all our zest, but we cannot afford to forget about our unwanted guest and the fact that the vaccine is still not there. Thus, have proper Covid-19 safety gears, sanitizers and masks to protect yourself.

Some good formal outfits

Since March 2020, India has been locked down and even after the unlock, majority of people are still working in their pajamas or sweatpants. By January 2021, with all the precautionary measures, many workplaces are finally opening. You will probably go to the office after 10 months or so. Thus, treat yourself with some new formal clothes. You deserve it Girl!!

Lip Balms and Moisturizers

The summers of 2020 were extremely hot, and if the winter predictions are to be believed, winters too will break few records this season. Thus, stuff your wardrobes and handbags with a good quantity of your favorite lip balm and moisturizers.

Sexy lingerie in India

One thing that can never go out of trend and is always hyped about is LINGERIE. It's every woman’s right to relive her inner diva and be the pinnacle of hotness, every night. You can never have too many of these sexy-looking lacy pieces. So, stop hunting reasons to shop and go to your sexy night dress for women cart NOW!

Bye Bye Time

Bell Sleeves

My personal opinion, but I feel bell sleeves are too done now. From dresses to tops to blouses, there is no women’s top wear item that does not have bell sleeve variants. I do not know about you, but I am definitely tired of wearing them and seeing them all around.

Yearly Planners

The only good thing 2020 taught us, LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE. Universe has different plans and our plans are nothing in front of the Universes’. So rather than planning a year in advance and running behind its fulfillments, live life one day at a time!

In the end, let's come together and pray for humanity and the wellness of our Planet. The more we hinder with nature, the more repercussions we need to face. Let 2021 be a beginning where humans think about nature as selflessly as we think about ourselves.

Billebon wishes happiness and good health to everyone. We believe the Spirit of Womanhood is special, and it deserves a celebration, each day every day. We cater India’s lingerie needs with pieces crafted with top-notch fabrics and high-end designs, at budgeted prices. To have the best hot night dress online shopping India experience, browse through our website NOW!