Lingerie Trends That Are Here To Stay!!

No woman in the world can deny their love for lingerie and the contemporary lingerie sets rightly deserve all the hype. Unlike before, the current lingerie pieces have plenty of advantages then just making the wearer look hot.


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Billebon is all set with the current lingerie trends with some awesome sauce new launches as well. We have enhanced our lingerie pieces and also added basic T-Shirt and Seamless bras to give you utmost comfort under your every outfit. With celebrating Womanhood, we also tend to celebrate the beauty of Motherhood, with our exclusive range of maternity wear.

archaic and the old-fashioned lingerie

No lingerie can ever become archaic and the old-fashioned lingerie becomes ‘Vintage’. Let’s have a look at some lingerie trends that are here to stay and are not going anywhere any soon.

Animal Prints

Talk about winter wear, outerwear or innerwear, one constant trend that is everywhere is the animal print. Animal prints are not a new thing in the lingerie market and keep on coming and going. However, you can safely stock up on them in various animal stripes such as tiger, leopard, zebra and so on as they are here from a good time now.

Animal Prints


Like the animal trend hype, pastels have garnered more love than any other trend currently in the market. From bridal wear lehengas to bridal lingerie items such as transparent nighties for women, pastels are literally dictating the market.

Billebon’s newly launched comfy T-Shirt bras too come in a splash of pastel shades.

Transparent Dress For Women With High Back Slit

One highly loved trend in the sexy sleepwear for women is the lacy Babydoll nightwear dresses with high back slits. These Babydoll dresses come with a matching lacy underwear beneath it, and the high slit at the back flaunts it well.



These became a thing a year or two ago and the love it has garnered is not fading at all. Young girls especially swear by these beauties, and they are rapidly replacing crop tops.


Shiny satin or silk nighties were considered vintage a few years ago, but the current lingerie trends have revived it. Shiny bras have become equally popular as the cotton or the lacy counterparts. Moreover, shiny bras can easily be restyled as a sexy blouse under a plain sari, to rock your next hot ethnic look.

High Waist Panties

Many vintage trends are ruling the lingerie market in the present day, and a high-waist panty is one of these trends.  These panties provide a full coverage and are comfortable to an unmatched level. You can pair it up with any of your favorite bra styles from bustiers to the regular ones.

Skipping The Basic Black, Blue and Red

Skipping The Basic Black, Blue and Red

Lingerie industry witnessed a notable change in the colour preference from the previous years. Initially where the go-to colour choice for most women while choosing nighties would be either of these three, the current lot moved to a wider colour range including pastels, nudes, white, lemon, purple and so on.

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