Everything About Breast Enlargement!!

Some blogs ago, I had discussed cosmetic surgery and whether it is a good option or not to get under a knife.


In this one, I am especially focusing on a particular type of cosmetic surgery- BREAST AUGMENTATION commonly known as BREAST ENHANCEMENT.

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Why do women feel a need for this?

Before analyzing the concept and what all happens in breast enhancement surgery, let's first understand why women feel a need to do this. In my opinion, everyone is beautiful the way nature created them. However, the hypocritic standards of society force few to believe that they are not sexy or beautiful because their body dimensions do not go with the society’s standard. While some are trolled for being too curvy, others are trolled for being too thin.

Moreover, many women try inducing physical intimacy in their relationships with various methods such as women lingerie for sex and so on. When none of these methods work, women decide to either go for breast enhancements or vaginal tightening to look appealing to their partners. However, before jumping to such an extreme conclusion, try finding the exact reason for the loss of physical attraction between you two.

What is Breast Enhancement?

As the name suggests, this is a form of surgery that involves placing breast implants beneath your breast tissues or chest muscles, to increase the size of the breasts. On one hand, many women use this method to boost their confidence, others use it to rebuild their breasts due to various conditions. Before deciding whether you want to go forward with it, talk to a plastic surgeon first and understand every aspect of this surgery including the process, the after effects, the potential complication or side effects if any and the post-surgery care.

Risks Involved

Breast Augmentation involves the risks such as-

Chest Pain

Infection in the operated area

Change in the sensation of breasts and nipples

Bleeding or Ruptures

If any of these complications occur after the transplant surgery, you will require more surgeries to get rid of the complications.

How does the process work?

Along with your plastic surgeon, you will first decide on your preferred shape, size and texture of the implants. There are few more things you need to consider before the final nod.

This procedure will not shun breast sagging. If you want to prevent breast sagging, then along with the augmentation surgery you will also need to go for breast lift. Also, this surgery will not last a lifetime, its life span is maximum 10 years. Moreover, various factors such as aging, weight gain or weight loss will also have an effect on the shape and size of the breasts. Also, in some cases women found breast-feeding a thorough challenge after getting breast implants.

Finally, to do or not to do is your choice, but consider every possibility before nodding a YES.

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