4 Bollywood Divas Show How to Style Women Innerwear as Outerwear!

The lingerie industry has evolved over the years, and sexy lingerie is crafted so beautifully that it is hard not to flaunt it outdoors. With the evolving lingerie industry, fashion too has revolutionised. Many celebrities in Bollywood and Hollywood show us how to flaunt classy women innerwear as an outerwear option with the right accessories and ensembles.

Bollywood has influenced its viewers in every walk of life, and its influence on India's fashion industry is unmatched. Hollywood's beauties have been a point of inspiration in the Indian lingerie industry, but now the Bollywood divas are equally thriving in this competition. February is here, and we are in the month of transition, ready to welcome the summers. So what is the right time to inspire our Bollywood celebrities to style innerwear as outerwear?

Let’s get summer ready!

Ananya Pandey

I hate how the poor girl is trolled for everything she does, from her film choices to promotional outfits to her comments on social media. For example, she thanked Mira Kapoor for a post where the latter mentioned A.P.Dhillon, and poor Ananya considered AP to stand for Ananya Pandey. I am not a staunch patron of what Ananya wears, but her recent looks made me notice her fashion sense more closely. This is way different from the popular opinion as she was heavily trolled for this look.

Ananya paired an off-white pair of bottoms with a maroon bralette. She looked stunning, and you too can try this look for your next beach party. Then what went wrong? The winter was harsh in Mumbai this year, and Ananya was shivering in this sexy lingerie in India as a top.

Deepika Padukone

What bad omen is following Gehraiyaa’s leading actresses' fashion brigades? In this look, Deepika styled a denim bodysuit with low-waist pants from Beyonce's collection. The fashion enthusiasts were divided in their take on this look. While many felt Deepika did justice to this look, others opined Deepika’s body type did not go well with this look. Her petite body type looked slimmer, taking away the sexy vibe of the outfit.

You too can try this look with a bodysuit and a pair of pencil-cut jeans or a skirt. You can also style a chemise nightwear sexy dress with jeans and rock the innerwear as an outerwear look. You can also revamp the look by adding a long shrug or jacket.

Sonakshi Sinha

There is no denying that the innerwear styled as an outerwear trend has ruled the Hollywood premieres and red carpets, and Bollywood too is closely following this trend. Bollywood divas known to play a safe fashion game are too trying this trend, and Sonakshi Sinha is one of them. She paired a satin tight-fitting corset top with a white pantsuit. To enhance the sharp, boss look, she kept her hair straight and paired the outfit with dainty necklaces.

If you too want to try the innerwear as an outerwear look, playing it safe with a lace or satin sexy lingerie in India with a pantsuit is your best bet, to begin with.

Katrina Kaif

Of late, Katrina has been the biggest cheerleader for innerwear as an outerwear trend, and we are not complaining.

In one of her recent photoshoots, she styled a sexy lace bra with a shimmering pantsuit and took the internet by storm.

In another look, she styled a lingerie piece from Myla and looked her sultry best in this photoshoot amidst the sunset of Goa.

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Final Tips to Style Women Innerwear as Outerwear

In the first place, do not follow a trend because Bollywood is doing it, or you will end up like Ananya Pandey’s recent chaotic scene.

If you want to try women innerwear as an outerwear look, start with the proven looks such as a corset or a bodycon under a pantsuit or a chemise nightwear sexy dress with a pair of jeans or skirt.

First, go with the safest colours as a beginner, such as black, red, and navy blue.

Do not try the trend until you are comfortable and confident enough to carry it with grace.

Another essential way to hoop on this trend is by pairing a sports bra with boyfriend jeans and adding a shirt, denim, or a crop jacket. A number of Instagram fashion influencers, such as Aashi Khanna, Mrunal Panchal, Aashna Hegde, to name a few approve of this look.

You can also try styling a transparent babydoll sexy dress tucked in a pair of pencil-cut leather pants and a crop jacket on it. However, a black, red, or white babydoll sexy nightwear will work the best for this look.