DIY Tips to Enhance Your 1 piece night dress for women in India or Any Other Sexy Nightwear!

Did anyone tell you, there are numerous things lingerie can do? It empowers a woman to express herself the way she wants. Sexy lingerie is not just an undergarment or only restricted for the bedrooms anymore. There are numerous times when celebrity stylists both in India and abroad have experimented with sexy lingerie by pairing it up with some other essentials and have created stellar looks.

Sexy lingerie does not only treat the on-looker but the wearer as well. Read my blog to know the not-so-known advantages of slipping in a hot lingerie set.


One thing you definitely agree with me about is no matter how pretty a lingerie piece is or how madly you loved it at the first sight, after few uses this sexy baby loses its charm. It’s not that something faulty happens with the apparel, but you somehow start getting bored seeing the same thing again and again.

This attitude is not reserved only to satin night dress online in India, but applies to your other pieces of clothing as well. However, there are a plethora of tutorials available online when it comes to DIY tips for restyling to alter their look altogether. But that is not the case with lingerie as there are hardly any such mediums to guide you.

In this blog, let’s have a look at some simple yet classy DIY tips that are easy and can completely transform your sexy nightwear look.

Experiment with the Monotones

Experiment with the Monotones

Here we are specifically talking about cotton or any other fabric except for lace, silk, and satin nightwear. So, grab a cotton monotone nighty and tie it in a circular roll with the help of tiny rubber bands. Now spray it with 2-3 different colours of your choice and let it dry for a day or two. After it dries, open the folds and see the new tie and die cotton nighty you get.

2 piece night dress for women in India

The Sexy 2 piece night dress for women in India

A majority of women possess at least 2-3 of these beauties. If your 2-piece nightwear is still as sexy and beautiful as it was before, but you no longer feel that attracted towards it, then here is a hack you wish you knew before.

If you have a little knowledge about stitching you can do it yourself and if not, you can get it done by a tailor. You can add up some ruffles to the shorts and the top of the 2-piece nightdress if it comes with a pair of shorts. If it comes with a short skirt in place of the top, you still can do the same. There is an additional way as well to redo a 2-piece nightdress with a skirt. You can get the top and the skirt stitched together and get a lace attached in between from where the top ends and the skirt starts. The lace will give a good see-through and enhance the sexiness of the outfit. 

Thus, the next time before you plan to dump your favorite sexy night wear, think twice!