Want to look hotter in that LBD or his favorite transparent sexy night dress? Is liposuction the right way to get rid of that extra belly fat?

At Billebon, we aim to highlight and explain all the issues that are women-centric. Liposuction too is one of it, though both genders take its help, we still are covering it as a large number of women these days are opting for the surgical process.

In the previous blog on the same topic, we tried understanding the basics of the process.


In this one, let’s assess its worth in some deeper tones.

Varieties of Liposuction

Varieties of Liposuction

All three of these liposuction processes differ slightly in their techniques. However, one thing that they have in common is the deployment of a Cannula that is a thin tube that is attached to a vacuum to suction out the fat from the body.

  1. Tumescent Liposuction

Here, your surgeon inserts a sterile solution that consists of saline that is saltwater and Lidocaine, and Epinephrine. This solution is injected into the area from where the fat is to be sucked out. It makes the process easier with lesser blood loss and pain.

Just reading it seems so painful, I cannot imagine how can anyone nod to this procedure after listening about it.

Ladies, burn the calories in the cardio sessions now, rather than accumulating it for years and then getting rid of it by such painful surgeries. You can look hotter in his favorite women lingerie & nightwear without such torturous surgeries by switching to balanced diets and some physical exertion regularly.

  1. Ultra-Sound Assisted Liposuction or UAL

This process uses sound wave energy beneath your skin to breakdown the cell walls of the fat in the target area. This process converts the fats into liquid so they can be sucked out from the body.

  1. Laser-Assisted Liposuction

In this one, a laser is used to produce a large amount of energy to breakdown the fats and liquify them to suck them out of the body.



Whether you have an overnight stay in the hospital or not depends upon the type of surgery you had and some other factors. But some common things that all the patients will face for a few weeks are bruising, swelling, and soreness on the target body part/s.

You may be required to put on a Compression Garment for 1-2 months after the surgery in order to control the swelling. You may also have to use some antibiotics to prevent infection.

A majority of people can resume work in few days and return to normal activities in a span of 2 weeks. However, as every being is different this timeline cannot be generalized for everyone and may vary from person to person. As with the same variety of hot nightwear dresses in India, the recovery rate too differs from individual to individual.

The Longevity of the Results

The Longevity of the Results

The most vital question that sums it all, whether this expensive and painful process is worth all the money and blood?

Though the fat cells are removed permanently from the target area, this does not mean you can maintain the same after-surgery shape and size without any effort. You have to switch to a nutritional and balanced diet and invest your time in physical exertion to maintain your body weight.

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