For All Those Naughty Nights!!

In many blogs here, I have already discussed the special things for your special nights.


When you and your partner have already decided to paint the night in every colour from love to sensuousness, there are some things that will definitely help you in raising the naughty quotient of the night.

In India, literally a few years ago, sex was not that talked about and celebrated the way it is done now. In fact, it was a taboo and it still is and nobody talked about it. However, the time is changing and slowly but steadily, the present generation is aware that sex is not just a tool for reproduction but has numerous other diameters to it.

Lace lingerie for women

The prime reason for deploying a lingerie from the older times to the modern ones, is its seductiveness. It is primarily worn or gifted for raising the hotness quotient and breaking the ice for physical intimacy between couples. However, in the previous times, it was reserved only for the newly-weds and now, every couple indulges in it, irrespective of the number of years of their relationship.


Do not underestimate the power of imagination and closed eyes. Imagine one of you is blindfolded and exploring the body of the other partner. You will be surprised to experience things out of the world with blindfolded eyes, which you never did with open eyes. So, the next time when you want to bring your and your partner’s naughty side out, try fusing blindfolds and night hot dress for women sexy.


In the world of normal, handcuffs refer to restriction of freedom, but in the kinky world, handcuffs lead to pleasure beyond imagination. Initially, couples were hesitant to try them, but with many Hollywood movies endorsing this sex trend, many couples started trying it. The partners take turns here, and the one handcuffed can do whatever they want without using their hands. Handcuffs have gained much popularity and that is why many lingerie for women combo sets include handcuffs with them.

Spanking Pads

If you and your partner love experimenting, then you definitely need to try this one. Spanking turns on both the male and the female partner and raises the naughty level to 100. If you are into wild and rough love making, then this one is definitely for you.

Nutella Or Other Flavored Sauces

Again, this one is for the kinky couples, who love getting dirtier and deeper. You can choose Nutella or any other flavored sauce of your and your partner’s choice and take turns to taste it and get it tasted, from wherever you and your partner like it.

In the nutshell, do not let your sex lives become monotonous and boring. Many couples lose the spark in their relationship or marriage, as they are no longer physically attracted to each other owing to the same sex routine. Thus, every now and then keep adding tints of sensuousness to your relationship.

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