Combat PCOS With These Simple Measures!!

We all have heard about PCOS and the increasing number of women falling prey to it. I have already analyzed the symptoms and reasons of PCOS in a previous blog - EVERYTHING ABOUT PCOS!!

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Moving on to PCOS, the definite reason why a woman suffers from PCOS is not accurately known, but it leads to a hormonal and insulin disbalance in the sufferer. It leads to increasing weight, growing of hair on face and other body parts, disturbance in menstrual cycles and results in conceiving issues in most of the sufferers.

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Dietary changes play a vital part in controlling the symptoms and maintaining the hormonal and insulin balance in your body. Also, avoiding food with high levels of sugar and fats will help you in controlling weight gain, which is a prime symptom of PCOS.

Whole Foods

Fruits, whole grains, legumes and vegetables are examples of whole food. They are absolutely free from high sugar, fats and preservatives. They are the healthiest and the closest to its natural form, even after cooking.

More Protein Intake

Consuming protein helps your body in producing insulin. Protein also plays a vital role in regulating energy production and hormone regulation in your body.

Increase Your Iron Intake

Many women suffering from PCOS experience heavy bleeding during their menstruation. This results in Iron Deficiency or Anemia in the body of the sufferer. Consult a doctor in such circumstances, and discuss with them ways to increase your iron intake. Food items such as spinach, eggs and broccoli are a rich source of iron. One important CAUTION- DO NOT up your iron intake on your own, without consulting a doctor first, as consuming too much iron can also lead to increasing your complications.

Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Foods such as almonds, cashews, spinach and bananas are a rich source of Magnesium and also PCOS-friendly.

Say NO to Coffee

Many studies have linked consumption of coffee leading to changes in the estrogen level and the hormonal behavior. Thus, replace coffee with a better alternative such as green tea or any other herbal tea. These teas will not only instantly refresh you, but will also help you in augmenting your metabolism.


This is a kind of spice extracted from the bark of cinnamon trees. Many researches suggest that consuming cinnamon helps in regulating menstruation in women suffering from PCOS. It also has a positive effect on insulin resistance.


The main ingredient in turmeric is CURCUMIN. Turmeric consumption helps as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces insulin-resistance in the body.

Both these spices can be added to your regular meals, which will add on flavor as well as help you against PCOS.

Lastly, consuming a balanced diet and regular exercise can help you lose weight and fight against PCOS.

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