Sexy dress and other women’s day gifting options for her!

March is here, and women’s day is near; in contrast to the common belief, in my opinion, women can also celebrate other women by appreciating them with gifts on this day. Thus, it is not just men's responsibility to celebrate women. For example, if you know a woman with low self-esteem or body-shamed, you can boost her confidence by gifting her a sexy dress. Do not wait for men to celebrate womanhood, be the woman of substance and uplift the others around you. Also, one thing you can do for yourself on this women's day is DO YOU – irrespective of what society thinks about it, pamper and celebrate yourself every day.

This blog has listed some of the best women's day gifting options for various women around you. Also, these gifting options can be given by both men and women.

Epilator for hair removal

The best gift is the one that solves a significant problem. In my opinion, every second, women are tortured with hair removal methods every other week for flawless skin. The pain is more in delicate areas like the armpits, face, and bikini if she uses any other way than hair removal cream or razor. However, using a razor in the bikini area and other delicate parts of the body has many negatives. So, one good gifting option for any woman is a high-end epilator that helps her get rid of unwanted hair from the face, bikini, and other delicate areas.

Sexy dress or nightwear

It is a sexy-romantic gesture if you are a man gifting sexy nightwear or a hot dress to your partner. However, if you are a woman considering giving a friend, a sibling, or an associate, a sexy dress or lingerie still can be a good option. How? If the woman you are planning to gift has been bullied or body-shamed due to her physical attributes, which has dampened her self-confidence, nothing can be a better confidence boost than sexy attire. When you gift her this, it implies that you find her attractive and hot enough to sizzle in a sexy outfit, which makes her see herself away from the light of the bullies.

A bouquet

This might sound a little controversial to some woke readers, but hear me out before passing a judgement. Women are delicate, and delicate in no way means weaker than men in any way. Femininity is a delicacy, and there is no reason to see it in a bad light. I am a strong independent woman and have equally shared all the responsibilities with my partner, and I still love to be pampered with a bunch of pink cute stuff or flowers now and then.


Urbanization has pushed us away from nature, and most of us have forgotten how it feels to sip a cup of tea in the arms of nature. We cannot shift in a forest and transport it in our apartment, but we can get closer to nature with planters and shrubs on our balconies.

Chocolate and candle hampers

Again, the same principle as the bouquets apply here. Nature has designed men and women differently, and this is no way to make one gender inferior or superior to others. Instead, we need to celebrate our differences, and women are designed to love soft and delicate things. Thus, if you have many women to be gifted, getting customized chocolate and candle hampers is the best gifting option.

Latest tops for women

Every woman has two common problems – nothing to wear and no place to store more clothes. Thus, one of the safest and easiest gifting options is dresses, Indian wear, or the latest tops for women. In this case, if you do not have the exact measurements handy, choosing the right size is more accessible than other options such as footwear, lingerie, and others.

Scented fancy soaps

Instagram is flooded with stores selling an eclectic range of luxury soaps in various shapes, scents, and benefits. In addition, there is a whole range of organic homemade soaps dictating the market.

Organic skincare and haircare products

Every woman has a dedicated skincare and haircare routine, which qualifies as one of the best gifting options to pamper her. You can get her a subscription to the products she is currently using or get her some of the products that rule your heart. Also, the latter option is only for women and men who have thorough knowledge about organic skincare and haircare products.

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A hamper of essential oils

Essential oils can be used for both skincare and haircare. Moreover, they also form a legitimate part of self-pampering and stress busting sessions. So, many essential oils can also be a good gifting option if you have many women on your gifting list.

Neck pillow for travelling

If the women you are gift-hunting for love travelling, there can be no better gifting option for them than a neck support pillow. A neck pillow for travelling ensures that her every journey is comfortable, and she sleeps no matter how long or congested a flight or any other mode of travel is.