Sexy night clothes for women and other rules for women crossing 30!

30s is probably the sign which implies that you are out of the phase of adulting and have entered the group of hardcore adults. Your skin might start showing signs of aging, professionally for a majority of the 30-years old you are at a much stable form now, physically and mentally you are experiencing many changes.

Well, this blog is not for discussing the metaphorical changes that 30s brings to you, but let’s see some of the rules that women in the age group of 30 need to follow asap.

Healthy Relationship with Food

Establish A Healthy Relationship with Food

In the 20s, women are mostly busy experimenting with food and trying out every kind of cuisine and unhealthy thing out there. Many researchers suggest that the 30s is the best time to fall in love with nutritional food, as when you enter your 40s, it’s a human tendency to care less. So, in your 30s try eating as healthy as possible, so that in your 40s and 50s you can indulge in whatever you crave.

Exercise You Love

Get Married to A Form of Exercise You Love

This is also the right time to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and prudent physical exercise forms a major part of it. Find that form of exercise that you love the most – yoga, Zumba, power yoga, cardio, weights, or whatever else. It is vital to choose a form of physical exertion you are in love with because only then you will stick to it.

Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate Yourself

You have passed that age when you dress up for the nights only for your partner. Wear makeup whenever you want, buy a hot night dress online and wear it even when you have no one to share the bed with, take yourself on solo trips, in short DO YOU!

Say YES to Kegel

Many studies have concluded that at least 40% of women are affected by urinary incontinence and tons of expenditure is spent each year to manage it. Start with the Kegel exercises to enhance your pelvic muscles and reduce the risk of urinary incontinence.

Veg Days

Veg Days

You can pick up a day of your choice, and consume no meat on that day every week. A research conducted at Harvard University suggests that shunning meat even once a week can reduce the chances of heart diseases in a woman by 19%.

Assess Your Breasts

Assess Your Breasts

In your 30s, make it a priority to examine your breast each month for any pain, swelling, or lumps.

We have a complete blog on self-examining your breast for any signs or symptoms of breast cancer.


Take Care of Your Feet

Years of wearing moderate to high heels intensely damage your knee and foot. This is the right time to take care of your feet by indulging in some foot exercises before you knock on the door of the 40s.

Sit Less

No matter how much you workout everyday or how little you eat, sitting is still bad for your health. Thus, make it a point to stand wherever and whenever possible.

Most importantly, just chill and enjoy this new phase of life, and welcome it with some awesome presents such as a night hot dress for women sexy.