Lace lingerie for women and time-saving beauty hacks when you are running late!

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Time management is an essential part of every individual’s life and rightly so. However, there might be exceptions at times, and you might get late when it's extremely essential to be on time. In cases of women, this scenario is more difficult than for men, as the former has a lot of things to do before stepping outdoors. We got your back ladies, and here are some beauty hacks that will come handy when you are running late.

Dry Shampoo

Whether it’s a college festival, an important meeting or a brunch date, a dry shampoo is a real friend when you are running out of time to wash and condition or blow dry your hair. Frizzy, non-shiny, oily hair is the last thing on the planet you want to step out on. Just a few sprays of dry shampoo, and your locks are sorted out. Even then if you wear a pony, messy bun or let them loose, they will look beautiful and manageable.

When tube neck or strapless bra goes missing

You are not the only one whose special bras go on hiding when greatly needed. If you are running late, and your tube neck or strapless bra is hiding, you can still wear your basic lingerie for women in India. You can use a safety pin to tuck the straps with each other so they do not peep out.

Mini makeup bag

If you are a late morning person, you might on several occasions find yourself hustling to be somewhere on time. Always, keep makeup stocked up with travel size hair and makeup products. You can deck yourself when stuck in traffic or in the restroom of the venue.

Multipurpose products

There is a list of products that serve more than one beauty purpose, and they are saviors when you are running late. Firstly, you can do two or more things with one product at a time. Moreover, if you are extremely late, you can grab the products (less in number as they are multipurpose), and use them whenever you want.

Natural Nail Polish dryer

Every woman has been there – you are getting ready for a date, or a party; had no time to visit a nail salon; painted your nails; and they are taking an eternity to dry. You cannot do anything else in the fear of your nail polish getting ruined. A simple tip to dry your nails in a minute – ready a bowl of ice water before polishing your nails. When done, soak your freshly painted nails in the ice water bowl. The cold temperature dries your nail polish instantly.

Hopefully, these tricks will save you some extra minutes when you are running late. Also, do not forget to check out our website for an exclusive collection of short night dress online India.