Time-saving beauty hacks and tips for lingerie set for women in India!

Men have a comparatively easy time when it comes to going outdoors – shave, shower, set your hair, and do it. On the other hand, women can just wish for such a simple routine when stepping outdoors for a party, an office meeting, or a date. A woman’s routine comprises various steps ranging from searching apt lingerie for the outfit, hair styling, nail polishing, and makeup. Imagine the havoc a woman feels when she is running late.

In our last blog, we addressed this issue, and brought you some tips that can save your day when you are running late.


Lace lingerie for women and time-saving beauty hacks when you are running late!

We have accommodated some more tips for you, so let’s begin.

No Foundation

In the first place, your face does not need to be covered under layers of foundation 24/7. If you have spots or too much unevenness, you can use a concealer to cover the spots. Apply some under your eyes, the nose bridge and conceal the spots on your face. Concealing the spots to hide the unevenness is the best way to save time applying foundation when you are running in late.

Play with the Eyeliner

Doing a winged liner or smokey eyes require a good amount of time, no matter how pro you are at doing it. When you are running out of time, fill the space between your lashes and eye with liner. This is a great replacement for a complete eye do, and also makes your lashes look fuller.

Instant smoky eyes

As mentioned earlier, smoky eyes are a time-consuming job no matter what. So, if you want to save some time in your already late schedule, use a creamy eyeliner, apply it normally on your eyes, and with the help of your ring finger, smudge it out, and your smokey eyes are done! use your ring finger only as it is the weakest of them all and will not be harsh on your delicate eyelids.

Replacement for a Camisole

We all have been there – a late night binge watch or a strong hangover after a really bad party, and next morning when you wake you realize that your boss might fire you by the time you reach work. This is also the time when all the basic necessities will go hiding. Unable to find a well-ironed shirt or a perfect camisole under a blazer? Worry not, grab the short lingerie for women you were wearing last night and throw a blazer on it, and there you go.

Not without my blush

A proper contour is the last thing you want to do when you are out of time, but a little colour on your cheeks is a must. You can put in some blush on your cheeks to effortlessly make your face look fresh and alive. If not a blush, you can also use a lip tint on your cheeks and blend it with your fingers to give that creamy blush effect.

These hacks will definitely save your day, and let you be there on time looking as perfect as ever. Also, do not forget to browse through our collection of women lingerie for sex.