Maternity Bra and other Best Gifting Options for A New Mother!

The purest relation on the planet is between a mother and her children. Motherhood changes the life of a woman immediately from the moment a new human enters her womb. After this moment, she lives the rest of her life caring and nurturing the children she bore. Is it not obvious why her name comes first in our mouth when something wrong or hurtful happens to us? Nature has designed women to care and think about her children first, and she is the second priority for herself. We can never repay her for everything she has done for us. Billebon appreciates this side of womanhood, and brings to you the best maternity bra and nightgowns that make breastfeeding easy and comfortable both for the mother and her newborn.

Whether it's your BFF or a cousin who is all set to embrace motherhood, you might have started searching for ideas for making this special for her. The internet is flooded with gifting options for new mothers, but in this one, we are highlighting the ones which are pragmatic and will help her in her day-to-day activities. If you are the one who goes to her BFF for every advice, this time you can’t, as she is the receiver. Worry not, we got your back.

Here is the list of gifting options that will not fail you.

Baby Set

Babies are the cutest beings on the planet, but do not let their size and smile fool you. They make sure in the initial few months to rob their mother from whatever little sleep she manages here and there. Your BFF or sister will surely be caught up in planning and managing her household activities with the new member in house, and undertaking her other responsibilities. Thus, you can save her an extra round to the store to get the bath kit for babies. This gift set includes an oil, shampoo, soap, powder and cream. However, if you are choosing any gift option for the newborn, ensure that you double check all the ingredients cautiously, and there is no slightest chance of anything harming the baby in any manner.


This is one of the best gifting options for new parents. As I mentioned earlier, babies have special sensors, and when they realize either of the parents is busy with something, or finally sneaking some time to nap, they start crying. Lifting them and walking day in day out is a tedious job, so your stroller can sort the parents there.

Maternity bra

Maternity lingerie is an important part of every new mother’s wardrobe. It is similar to the time when a woman gets married, there are some basic wedding trousseau staples that she can’t miss. Same is the case here. Normal lingerie cannot help lactating mothers; thus, they need maternity bras that make breastfeeding easy, convenient and comfortable.

While choosing a nursing bra, ensure that you accurately know the measures of the wearer. Secondly, a maternity bra with front zip is the most comfortable option. Lastly, the strap breadth and the hook style are crucial parameters to consider while shopping for breastfeeding bras.

Comfy Nightwear

During pregnancy and even after a few months of childbirth, a woman’s body continually changes. Thus, comfortable apparels become more important than any other time. Thus, you can get some elegant-looking comfortable maternity nightgowns for the mother, which work both as a sleepwear and a leisurewear option.

Maternity nightgowns are designed in a way to make breastfeeding convenient both for the mother and the baby. They are available in full, medium and short lengths.

Nipple Cream

Due to breastfeeding, the nipples of the mother ache and become sore. Moreover, pregnancy changes the shape and size of her breasts and nipples, making them delicate, and breastfeeding adds on to this sensitivity and soreness. You can consider gifting the new mother some nipple creams or gels that ease the pain and reduce the soreness and sensitivity. This is undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful gifting options.

Temperature Control Mugs

Whether she is a tea person or coffee, drinking a hot cup of her favorite beverage becomes difficult as she is constantly on diaper changing or breastfeeding duty. A temperature control mug will keep her tea or coffee hotter for more time, and she can at least get the opportunity to indulge in her favorite beverage in between all the chaos.

Bottle with Water Tracker

Staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial for everyone, especially the lactating mothers. However, juggling between her previous and new responsibilities, thinking about her hydration is the last thing on a new mother’s mind. Thus, gift her a water bottle with a tracker that helps her keep a record of the amount of water she drinks every day.

Neck Support Pillow

Sleeping pattern and the sleep quality affects the mental and physical well-being of an individual. As the body changes during pregnancy and continues even after the child birth, the sleep cycle of the new mother is heavily affected. A neck support pillow makes sleeping comfortably an easy task, letting the user sleep in every posture comfortably.