Lingerie and other topics where you should often consult your BFFs!

Your BFFs know you in and out, both in the true sense and metaphorically. They know the size of the lingerie you wear to the size of your heart, and everything in between. Billebon, too is every woman's friend regarding crucial topics such as breast cancer, sex, vaginal hygiene, tips and tricks for better and stress-free menstruation, and an eclectic range of issues concerning women.

As a little girl who just started wearing bras, you might have had endless confusion leading to unlimited discussions related to lingerie with your mom. However, as you grow up, you start exploring sexy lingerie and your partner for discussing these changes from your mother to your BFFs. You obviously cannot take your mother's opinion on which sexy night suits to pick for your secret vacay with your boyfriend from your mother.

In this blog, we discuss all the topics where you need to consult your BFFs first.

Moving On with New Lingerie

In India, a mother picks the first lingerie for her daughter, and irrespective of the society you belong to, there is no exception to this trend. Thus, when you move from adolescence to teenage and realize the changes and needs of your body, it is time to switch on to the new type of lingerie. Now, instead of your mother choosing bras for you, discuss what kind of bras they prefer and why? It will help you decide your go-to bra and the parameters you need to concentrate on more.

First Sexy Night Dress for Women

Whatever age it is, whatever reason it is, if you are stepping in a sexy night dress for women for the first time, it has to be BFF-approved. Your BFF has to approve the look, pattern, and fit of the sexy night suits you decide to indulge in before anyone else. Moreover, they can also guide you based on their experience and what other options can suit you best.

Getting In or Coming out of a Relationship

The Internet can help you with several things, such as parameters to consider in a bra or recipe for your favorite smoothie, your next weekend getaway spot, and everything from chalk to cheese. Still, few things are better decided with the help of actual human discretion than an artificial one. If you like someone and they like you back, and it's time to take the next step in the relationship, have a detailed discussion with your BFFs first. Tell them your expectations as a couple and instead of sugar-coating your partner's flaws to your BFFs, be 100% honest. Your BFFs know you better than you and are the best people to help you assess your partner's compatibility. Whether you are getting in a relationship or moving out of one, talk to your BFFs first.

Tug of War

A decade or two ago, the professional choices in India were straightforward – engineering, medicine, law, architecture, government exams, and banking jobs were a few categories open for every individual to choose. There were very few people who dared to choose differently. However, time has changed. Today, there is an eclectic range of career options such as digital marketing, blogging, vlogging, social media influencing, and a list of others that were not even considered honorable professions back then. If you, too, are someone who is stuck in a tug of war between passion and profession, a talk with your BFFs can prove to be a gamechanger. They are the ones who will not sweet-talk you when criticism is what you need and appreciate you when everyone else will look away.

Inexpensive Skincare Routine

Everyone from makeup vloggers to lifestyle bloggers have their opinions widely spread on the Internet, and each one of these has their vested interest in the skincare routines they share with you. Thus, if you want flawless skin without spending a bomb, you and your BFFs can choose a range of skin care products according to respective skin types and then sum up the best one according to each skin type.

Experimenting with Sexy Night Suits

Whether you are buying a nighty for the first time or revamping your nightwear wardrobe with a dozen sexy night suits, recommendations from your BFFs are always needed. The colour that suits you the best and the colours you need to try; lace, satin, or silk, which fabric deserves your skin the most; the trends that you need to try and then trends that are better skipped, and a whole lot of such questions can form the basis of your discussion during your next girls' night out.