Things to consider while looking for the best feeding bra!

The bra is a woman's real best friend in every form, and choosing the right bra is the most paramount thing of all. The right bra can make your outfit shine, while the wrong one can completely ruin its look. Moreover, wearing the wrong bra can have health implications in the long run. Thus, choosing the right bra is crucial. When a woman walks on the path of motherhood, a feeding bra comes into her life. It might be your first time becoming a mother and your first-time shopping for maternity lingerie, and you need to do your research first before investing in any nursing bra.

Why is an accurate feeding bra important?

Many first-time mothers question the need to wear a feeding bra altogether. You can wear a regular bra while feeding, but that will be downright uncomfortable and painful for you. In breastfeeding days, changing boob size, nipple irritation, lactation, the sensitivity of breast skin, and leakage are some of the things a woman's breasts go through, and regular bras make this experience utterly uncomfortable. Though it is not a hard and fast rule, every lactating mother needs a pregnancy bra.

The everyday bra is made for regular boobs. In other words, it is meant for boobs that do not change size throughout the day, are not heavy or sensitive, and do not need to be exposed frequently for feeding. The straps in a regular bra are thin and stretchy and are inadequate to support your heavy, lactating boobs. Moreover, underwire bras can irritate your already sensitive boob skin.

Your breasts change shape and size throughout the pregnancy period and become more sensitive over time. As a result, you might face possible leaks, and thus, investing in the right maternity lingerie is the center of your cosmos.

Here is a list of checkboxes a feeding bra should fulfill to qualify as the best.

Nursing bra with extra comfort

As mentioned earlier, your breasts become more sensitive in this phase, and the right nursing bra offers extra comfort considering the sensitivity in your breasts. In addition, one of the first signs of pregnancy is tender breasts. Thus, most maternity bras are crafted from soft fabrics based on cotton to reduce friction and make the wearer feel comfortable. A nursing bra made from cotton or other natural materials lets your breast breathe freely and easily allows air to pass, reducing irritation in that area. Moreover, feeding bras have more room as compared to the regular ones. So, it can easily accumulate breast shells that many women use to shield sore nipples.

Additional Hooks

Did you know that your breasts can ascend to two cup sizes during pregnancy, and in some cases even more? This is normal and results owing to hormonal changes and burgeoning milk ducts. Thus, choose a pregnancy bra with a minimum of four hooks that lets it grow with your growing size throughout the pregnancy period. These extra hooks also ensure the bra is not tighter or limits your breast changes and expansion of the ribcage. You can also buy an additional extender that augments the room of the bra further.

Additional Support

A maternity bra's most important role is supporting your breasts as they become fuller and heavier in the pregnancy period. Therefore, a pregnancy bra has to provide extra support to the wearer, especially those with bigger boobs. These bras come with wider sides and straps aiming at extra comfort and support. The wider straps evenly distribute the weight of your breasts across your shoulders, thus reducing shoulder and backaches. In addition, most feeding bras come in wireless cups, while some are available in flexi-wire. Therefore, make sure you are wearing the accurate size to avoid damage to your milk ducts.

Feels and looks great

There was an era when maternity lingerie was flat, plain, and boring, but we have bid ado to that phase a long time back. Contemporary maternity bras are all fancy, sexy, comfortable, and beautiful to make the to-be mothers look and feel beautiful. The maternity range at Billebon comprises feeding bras that make the wearer look great without compromising the comfort quotient. A woman's body goes through multiple physical and mental changes in her pregnancy phase. So the one thing she can do is pamper herself with stunning maternity lingerie that makes her feel 'her.'

Serves dual purpose

Many nursing bras can work as a night bra, too, to provide support and comfort. However, when your breasts turn extra sensitive, the last thing you can do is take off your bra while sleeping, making it more painful and uncomfortable. Instead, you can try seamless maternity bras with no underwires and use them as night bras. In case of leakage at night, a multipurpose nursing bra will support and keep the breast pads in position while you sleep.

Also, do not forget to wash your maternity lingerie regularly to avoid irritation.