Trendsetting comfy and sexy nightwear options that ruled 2021!

2021 has been a year of trends, and the category of comfy and sexy nightwear options for women has witnessed some major additions that will rule the bestselling charts in 2022 as well. We are in the second-last month of 2021, and it's only fair to have a walk through all the trends of 2021 that women wore to bed.

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However, in this blog, let's see all the nightwear options that women raided.

Babydoll Sleepwear

Did you know, a trend in the hot night dress market never becomes obsolete? The trend might rule the charts at one point and slip from its position at some other point, but every sexy nightwear trend ever introduced is still available in the market.

One such trend is babydoll sleepwear. These beauties enhance the assets of the wearer. They come with a plunging neckline and back, are well-fit till the chest, and flow free from down there. Though babydoll nightwear has always been trending, this year, the frills ruled the market. Thus, the most-selling babydoll sleepwear was decorated in frills and ruffles. Babydoll sexy nightwear is one of the most common picks for a majority of brides in India.


T-Shirt Nightdresses

In 2020, when the lockdown was lifted, the fashion industry boomed with T-Shirt dresses both as outerwear and nightwear options. These beauties come in a range of patterns, colors, and styles, like the normal T-shirts. They are extremely comfortable and are usually crafted from cotton. This nightwear option qualifies both as a sexy and a comfy nightwear option. Moreover, women of every age love this comfortable nightwear option.


Kaftans have always been around, but the excessive hype that it enjoyed in and after the lockdown phase should be credited to the Bollywood divas – Kareena Kapoor Khan and Malaika Arora. You are lying to yourself if you say you had no urge to invest in a luxurious nightwear kaftan after looking at the selfies of these gorgeous beauties.

Kaftans are crafted from a range of fabrics such as cotton, satin, and silk and come in both full and short lengths. They make the wearer look stunning and feel extremely comfortable. It comes with an overall loose fit and has an adjustable string under the chest to manage the fit of the kaftan.

Full-length maxis

This nightwear option has been on the scene for decades, and women of almost every generation after its inception have worn it. In reality, most middle-aged women in India wear this both as leisurewear and a nightwear option. Long maxis are unquestionably the most comfortable nightwear and leisurewear, and its comfort has introduced the concept of maxi dresses.

Night Robe

Yes, the name and the pattern remind us of a bathrobe, and rightly so, as a night robe is inspired from a bathrobe and is its sexy counterpart. This hot night dress option is one of the latest additions to nightwear for women and has instantly clicked with ladies worldwide. You might have seen it on many national and international divas' Instagram handles or in many new movies and web series. It looks and works like a bathrobe and is generally crafted from satin or silk.

The comfy pajama set

This one needs no introduction! A comfortable nightdress is in the dozens in every woman's wardrobe. This year too, comfort beat everything else, and comfy nightwear sets have been the show-stealers. However, this year bright coloured nightdress sets with polka dots and satin night suits with black borderline have ruled the best-selling charts of almost every lingerie store.

Sexy bodycon nightwear

Want to flaunt your elegant curves? Want to drive him crazy with your stunning figure? Sexy bodycon nightwear can help you do this. They come in a variety of neck patterns and fit you perfectly to embrace your upper body. This option comes in mostly dark colours, and is one of the boldest hot night dress options.

Chemise Sexy Nightwear

Chemise nightie is one of the classiest nightwear options that merges elegance with sensuousness. If you want a sexy nightie for your special night that exposes less but makes you look seductive, a chemise set is your solution. This hot night dress comes in a range of colors, a plunging neckline, and various strap patterns. It fits your body perfectly, enhancing your figure. The current trends bring you chemises with stunning shoulder patterns, which makes restyling this nightwear a cakewalk! There is no question why this sexy lingerie is so hyped about.

Throw in a leather jacket with a chemise hot night dress and a pair of boots or high heels, and you are ready to be the center of the party!

These were the stellar nightwear options that ruled the 2021 charts; let's see what trends 2022 brings us.