Expensive luxury bra and other breast enlargement mistakes!

Dear men and women, with complete honesty, tell me what comes to your mind when I say a sexy woman? Most of us would imagine a slim woman dressed in sexy nightwear or a bikini with a plunging neckline flaunting her big boobs. In simpler words, a man's dick size and a woman's breast size have become a great deal over the years. Though a man's penis is a hidden treasure that only his partners know about, a woman's boobs are a visible feminine feature. Women with bigger assets do not let go of a chance to flaunt these, and women with smaller boobs try every way from natural to allopathy to cosmetic surgeries to enhance their breast size.

At Billebon, we treat every size sexy, as beauty comes in varying shapes. We have often shed light on important yet ignored issues related to femininity, such as vaginal and menstrual hygiene, the relevance of vaginal discharge, and others.

In this blog, let's understand what price women can pay while satisfying their craving for bigger breasts.

sexy Nightwear

Men and Their Fantasies About Women in Sexy Nightwear

In the first place, who created this hype, men or women themselves? Men are crazy about boobs, and there are scientific reasons for it. A woman's breasts play an important part in seduction and foreplay. Both men equally seek pleasure in the foreplay acts that revolve around the boobs. Boobs give men the impression that a woman is ready to breed and is the most visible feminine body part.

Moreover, men are designed to naturally get attracted to a woman's boobs when there is a mutual attraction between a man and a woman. However, many men find bigger boobs sexier and more attractive as they appear juicier and tickle their lust bones. But can we blame men alone for this hype? No, women are equally responsible.

Adverts for Bikinis, Sexy Dresses, Luxury Bras, and Others

Body positivity advocates are using every ounce of their energy to forbid society from stereotyping others according to their physical attributes. However, traditional and digital marketing still supports and glorifies stereotypes set by certain celebrities or social media. Visit any online or offline bikini, sexy nightwear, or a bra and panty sets store, and you will observe, all the dummies and models used in the display have bigger boobs, completely ignoring the other sizes. Though these pieces will be available in every size, the display models will always have larger boobs. This trend does not limit itself only to lingerie or bikini stores, but all the apparel stores religiously follow this trend. You go to an ethnic store for women or high-end brands dealing in apparel; the dummies there will be blessed with huge assets.

What is the Problem with Big Boobs?

Let me get this straight; I am not saying that women with bigger boobs are not sexy; I mean that every woman is sexy irrespective of her body size. In other words, sexiness or beauty cannot be defined by size tags. When I see young girls and adult women struggling for ways in the form of diets, exercises, hormonal pills, or cosmetic surgery without understanding their ill effects just for the sake of big boobs, this craving deeply pains me. Women spend affluently on high-end luxury bras with extra, heavy paddings to create an illusion of higher boobs. Why do we need this? Why cannot we embrace our natural beauty?

Breast Enlargement Mistakes

The Internet is flooded with articles focusing on natural food items, specific diet plans, massages and herbal oils, exercises and yoga, hormonal pills, specific bra and panty sets, and several other ways to help a woman achieve heavier breasts. Most women do not even cross-examine the content of these articles and blogs from any expert and blindly switch to these techniques for their ultimate goal.

Here is a list of breast mistakes that women commit while working for enlarged breasts.

Cleaning Breasts with Soaps

Cleaning Breasts with Soaps

No matter how many chemical-free claims they make, every soap is induced with chemicals that affect the cell division in the breasts. As a result, the breasts become saggy and loose. Do not use soaps to wash your breasts; rather, rinse them with lukewarm water.

Tighter Bra and Panty Sets

Many bras claim to make your breasts look fuller and more attractive with a tighter fit, and these are fake narratives and a marketing strategy that leaves you with aches in the chest, back, and shoulders. Thus, go for a well-fit bra only.

Extreme Massages

Many women believe that strongly massaging their boobs will magically transform their breast size. Hence, they apply undue pressure on their boobs while massaging them without assessing the aftermath. This pressured massaging can hurt the breast tissues resulting in internal hyperplasia.

Quitting Bra

Quitting Bra

Many women believe that wearing bras affect breast size and refrain from wearing one until a certain size is gained. However, this is a baseless belief, and not wearing a bra for a long time can result in bosom prolapsed breasts. Thus, to maintain the natural growth of the breasts, wearing a proper bra is essential.

Using Water with Extreme Temperature to Clean the Breasts

Using too hot or too cold water to clean your breasts is the worst thing one can do. Using water with extreme temperature on your breasts irritates the capillaries in that area. Thus, use only lukewarm water to clean your breasts.

Consumption of Hormonal Pills

Estrogen levels in a woman affect her breast size. As a woman starts menstruating, the estrogen level in her body fluctuates constantly. Thus, to stimulate the estrogen level, many women start consuming hormonal pills to augment breast size. Though these pills might increase breast size, extreme levels of estrogen can result in breast cancer.

In a nutshell, everything from sexy nightwear to a fully-cover saree looks beautiful on every woman irrespective of her breast size. Thus, stop running behind attaining larger breasts, and embrace yourself the way you are.