A beginner’s guide to fetch that perfect bra panty combo!

As a girl starts transforming into a woman, a perfect and comfortable bra panty combo is her best friend forever in the real sense. Spotting the ideal lingerie set at one go is far too easy said than done. Women who can probably be called lingerie-hoarders still get baffled when picking up the correct set each time they decide to stop. So, imagine how difficult it will be for a beginner? Moreover, lingerie and the growing trends in the market confuses a new buyer further.

If you are a newbie in the world of lingerie, there are always certain women you can go to for advice, but how valuable that piece of advice will be is the main question. Moreover, no woman's body is ultimately the same as any other woman's. Thus, what might look perfect and feel good to someone may be a bummer for someone else. In a nutshell, before shopping for bra and panty sets, understand your body and your needs first.

Let’s break it down step by step.

Why is choosing the perfect bra and panty combo a task?

Your everyday lingerie sets are the essential thing in your wardrobe. So, what makes looking for such an important thing a war? As mentioned earlier, every woman's body is different. As an illustration, every woman wearing a 32B has other rib cage measurements, varying breast mass, and distinct shoulder measurements. However, it's unfair to expect that a lingerie brand can cater to every woman's exact needs. They can, if every woman gets her bra and panty sets tailor-made, which we all know is impossible. So, the lingerie brands have the most general measurement for every bra and cup size, respectively.

Secondly, given the number of advantages of wearing a perfect lingerie set, its demand is always high. As a result, the market is flooded with brands, and every brand has different measurements for every size. Thus, you can be a 32B in one brand, and in some other brand, you can be a 30C or 34A. Therefore, every time you shop from a new brand, the process of measuring and trying starts again. Luckily, panties are accessible on this parameter and do not require such efforts.

In addition to this, there is an eclectic range of bras to choose from, such as – sports, padded, no-padded, push-up, tube neck, sexy bra panty set, and numerous others. The problem is that your size in a regular padded bra, a push-up one, or a sexy bra panty set might be completely different. In simple words, other brands and various types of bras imply varying sizes even with the exact measurements.

Main rules to stick by

In the first place, whatever size or style of bra you choose, it has to enhance your boobs by supporting them prudently and giving them a proper shape under any outfit. Do not compromise with the bra's fit; you can mix and match the cup and the band size or play with the straps, but do not settle until you get a perfect-fitting bra.

Shopping in a store and changing into multiple bra options can be tiring and boring at times. So, you can first understand your body and measure it in the comfort of your house. You can hop to any lingerie website and bulk order from various styles according to your measurements. As most of the brands have a return policy, you can try all these pieces in your house and understand which size in which style suits you the best.

Then comes the fabric quality of your bra and panty sets. These intimate pieces of clothing come in contact with the most delicate parts of a woman, and you need to ensure that nothing substandard goes in the making of these. If the fabric quality is compromised, it will disrupt breathing of the skin from under the bra or panty and result in sweating. Dampness either in your bra or panty for a long time can result in itching and allergies. So, never compromise on the fabric quality of your intimates. Also, before investing in any bra panty combo, try lingerie crafted from various fabrics to understand which of these suits your skin the most.

Similarly, before zeroing on any piece, assess what types of bras generally fit what kind of boobs, and compliment what sort of outfits. This will simplify your task to an extent as you know what pasturelands to look in. The balcony bra is the type that suits many boob sizes and compliments ensembles with plunge necklines. Moreover, they are a busty girl's go-to as the wide straps make them very comfortable, and there is no chance of a visible boob effect from your outfits. Similarly, full cup bras also provide perfect support and look to girls with larger boob sizes. On the other hand, half cup bras or wireless bras work for girls with thinner shoulders or more petite boobs.


Lastly, there is a numerous range of bra and panty sets, and choosing the right fit every time is vital.