Wrong size ladies' night lingerie in India and other common breast mistakes!

Women tend to take care of some of their body parts more efficiently as compared to others. This bias leads to a plight where a woman is unaware of the basic tips to look after her vaginal health or her breasts and puts all her attention on her skincare and haircare. We nowhere mean skincare and haircare is not vital, but looking after your every body part is equally crucial.

In a previous blog, we have highlighted some basic tips to take care of your vagina, and also debunked some myths that are harmful to your delicate body organ down there.


Many women have a misconception that the lips and the skin are the most delicate parts of a woman’s body. However, I call it a misconception for a reason – a woman’s vagina is ten times more sensitive and delicate than her lips, and breasts too are as sensitive as the skin though it is just a lump of tissues.

The majority of women are guilty of not paying proper attention to their breasts. Every woman should regularly self-examine her breasts, and even if you do not feel the need to, your breasts require special attention. It should not amaze you if I tell you that breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in women after skin cancer, and not paying due attention to your breasts is just going to increase the number.

In this blog, we have accumulated some of the most common mistakes women make that are negatively affecting the health of their breasts.

Wrong Size Bra

A wrong size bra is the worst thing you can do to your breasts whether it is an everyday bra or a sensuous one under a nighty sex dress in India. A tight bra cramps your breast tissues together and casts undue pressure on your boobs and chest. Moreover, it results in pain in your breasts, aches in your chest and back. Thus, wear a perfect fit bra – not too tight nor too loose.

Shredding the Nipple Hair

Having hair around the nipple is a common thing in women, and waxing or shaving them off is a literal crime against your breasts. Using a razor around your nipples to shave this hair off is wrong as the area near your nipples is extremely sensitive. You might cut or rupture the skin in that area leading to infections, itching, bleeding, or swelling. Moreover, taking off nipple hair with waxing strips can result in bleeding and inflammation.

Piercing on Nipples

Nipple piercing not only negatively impacts the milk production ducts in the breast, but also augments the danger of developing puss-filled infection in the mammaries.

Unrestricted Smoking

Smoking, in general, is extremely harmful to the lungs and the heart of the smoker. However, it also results in loss of elasticity of the breast, saggy breasts, tenderness in the boobs, and exposure to a higher risk of breast cancer.

Circumventing Bras

Always put on a bra before going out for a jog or walk. Not providing prudent support to your boobs while indulging in physical activities might result in discomfort and breast pain.

Duct Tapes

Several fashion videos and blogs suggest women use duct tapes to lift their breasts in outfits that do not allow them to wear a bra. However, sticking duct tapes on your boobs may result in infections, and in some cases peeling it off can also result in bleeding and/or swelling.

In a nutshell, take prudent care of your boobs, and do not forget to check out the best night dress for honeymoon for ladies in India only at Billebon!