10 Best Ways to Initiate Physical Intimacy – Hot Lingerie, Sexting, and Others!

Once upon a time in India, sex was considered a need only for men, and most couples had sex only for reproducing. However, now the era has changed, and more and more men realize that sex is an equal necessity for women as men. First, women stepped in hot lingerie only in the initial months of their marriage, as it worked as an ice-breaker between the couple, but now, women often try making their night specials by these lacy beauties.

Like many parts of the country embrace open-mindedness, women are empowered enough to know what they want and strong enough to ask for it. Now, women step into sexy nightwear not just to woo their partners but to celebrate themselves. Billebon stands and celebrates the spirit of womanhood, and our sexy nighties do the same.

However, not every man is smart enough to identify his woman's likes and needs. This blog has listed the 10 best ways to tell your partner you need sex without telling him that you need sex.

Drop Hints

When a relationship gets older, it is commonly observed that men, owing to stress, responsibilities, work pressure, or some other such reason, forget their own and partner's physical needs. In such a case, the wife can drop some nonverbal hints. For example, wearing some sexy lingerie and unknowingly flaunting it before him, keeping your innerwear near his, or accidentally dropping your towel after a shower when he is in the room, can trigger his sexual drive.

Flirting over Texts

Texting can never become outdated, and age is no barrier to using it as an important tool for communicating your feelings. You can send him some dirty jokes or casually flirt with him over text. No matter how old you are or how long you have been in a relationship, keeping youth alive in your marriage or relationship is the best way to enhance your bedroom life in longevity.

Asking them to Grab a Towel

Sounds cliché, right? I know, but trust me, the old-school romance and flirting work the best, whether by wearing sexy nighties to bed or conning them into a bathroom. Forget your towel on purpose, and ask them to hand it over after you are done showering. Then, grab them in the bathroom or accidentally show them your naked body; either way round, he will fall head over heels for you.

Hot Lingerie

Many women see sexy nightwear as a tool to initiate physical intimacy at the beginning of a relationship or a marriage. After a few years of marriage, they switch to boring nightwear options and consider themselves too old to wear these sexy pieces. However, this is where most women go wrong, as anything monotonous is boring. Your sex life is no exception to this rule. Thus, bringing in variation in your nightwear and spicing it up with sassy nighties is a brilliant option to better your bedroom life.

However, whatever kind of sexy nightwear you choose, its fit is essential as it brings in sexiness in the hot nightwear.

Mark the Calendar

This may sound a bit off, but scheduling sex becomes the only way to maintain balance in their bedroom life in some relationships. In some circumstances, both the partners get carried away in their responsibilities and find excuses to skip their intimate moments. In such conditions, scheduling a weekend for sex is the only way to save their physical intimacy.

Deep Kisses

Kissing is the start of physical intimacy, and no matter how old your relationship is or how intimate it is, kissing is always the first step. Thus, when he is tired or bored to get physically intimate, you can start with slow kisses and gradually make it more passionate, slowly turning him on without realizing it.

Morning Surprises

Wake him up with a blow job or oral sex. Many studies suggest that morning sex before you begin your daily activities charges you for the day and makes the partners generally happy. Thus, wake him up with sexy morning gestures, and he might treat you with mid-night delights.

Open Conversations

Discussing your wants, likes, and dislikes with your partner is the best way to maintain balance in a relationship. No human can understand the wants of the other without a clear vocal indication. Thus, convey this to him if your sex life is affected due to your husband's work commitments, work pressure, or any other responsibilities. Let him know your physical wants and desires, and discuss ways with him to help him overcome his problems and get physically active.


Cuddling and spooning your partner is both sexy and cute simultaneously. Wear hot lingerie and do not try to seduce him or turn him on. Instead, just cuddle with him, and see the magic. Cuddling makes your partner feel comfortable, safe, and stress-free and is one of the cutest ways to get intimate with your partner.

In a nutshell, there are simple tips that can help you better your sex life. However, if these don’t work, there might be some medical issues affecting your partner’s sex drive, and you should consult a doctor.

Lastly, the Covid infections are rising, and protect yourself and your loved ones. Do not step outdoors without a mask, and wash or sanitize your hands religiously.