The right panty for periods!

Menstruation is an inevitable part of every woman's life, and whether you want it or not, you have to experience it each month for 25-27 years of your life. There are several things that a woman goes through while menstruating apart from the bleeding. There are hormonal changes that happen pre and post menstruation and while menstruating. There is body pain, stomach cramps, and constant discomfort if you wear tampons or sanitary napkins. In simpler words, a woman's body and mind go through changes and discomfort while menstruating. On the other hand, your lifestyle, eating habits and other aspects of your regime can either lessen or increase this discomfort while chumming. Like there are certain things that you should indulge in and avoid, there is a special panty for periods that you should use on those five days.

While menstruating, avoid extra oily and sweet food items as they may cause gastro problems. Moreover, try consuming more ion reach food as there is an immense ion loss from your body during periods. Some simple dos and don'ts can help you manage your periods more comfortably.

Likewise, what you wear during your periods also plays a vital role in a comfortable five-day journey. However, we are not talking about misconceptions like no white or light-coloured clothes. Still, slightly loose clothes and a specific bra and panty set let your sanitary napkins or tampons stay in place and in no way interfere with the ventilation down there.

Here is a list of panties for women that can make menstruation easy.


These panties for women are a combination of boy shorts and bikini, and along with flattering the figure of the wearer, are extremely comfortable. Their belt lies below the waistline, and the panty sits well on the wearer's hips.

Why choose it while menstruating?

Periods of not, hipsters are advisable as a daily wear panty option owing to the unmatchable comfort it offers and extreme support offered by the low-cut leg holes. Moreover, it offers fuller coverage and perfect space for holding xl pads with wings or long cotton pads. In addition to this, hipsters provide a smooth, seamless look in figure-hugging outfits.

They ensure comfortable periods and elegant looks.


Briefs for women resemble men, but the former is available in a larger variety of colours and patterns.

Why choose it while menstruating?

Briefs are crafted from breathable fabrics, and this feature is essential in every woman's bra and panty sets, menstruating or not. Lingerie crafted from breathable fabrics lets the air come in and move freely, and this is an essential part to maintain vaginal hygiene.

Briefs are seamless and are comfortable for every curve. They do not ride up or roll down and support the sanitary napkin perfectly without discomfort.

High-waist Panties

High-waisted panties are the first choice for women who want their lingerie to make them look slightly slimmer. High-waist panties layer your belly and make your stomach look flatter than usual. High-waist panties can help you gain that look if you hate wearing shapewear but want a flat belly look.

Why choose it while menstruating?

High-waisted panties are also called grandma panties; any guesses why? The structure of a high-waist panty may be old-school, but women of every age love the comfort it provides. It holds the tampons and sanitary pads in place during menstruations and makes the wearer comfortable even when wearing sanitary supplies.

Panty for Periods

Years ago, women only had tampons, sanitary napkins and homemade cotton pads as menstruation supplies. However, now with panties for periods, managing menstruation has become easier. Period panties can be defined as underwear designed to absorb period blood. With these panties, you can circumvent using other menstrual supplies.

These panties are crafted from absorbent material that invisibly collects blood and gives the wearer adequate independence of motion. There are various panties for periods available in the market, and their absorbing capacity varies like the other menstrual supplies. Generally, these panties for women can carry as much blood as 2.5 tampons.

Menstruation has been a routine monthly task for women for many years, and simple hacks can go a big way. Also, clean your vagina every time you change a menstrual supply, as your menstrual hygiene plays an important part in keeping your vagina clean and healthy.

Moreover, try wearing cotton panties for women during periods and otherwise, as cotton is a fabric that pampers your vagina in every way. If you are not a cotton fan and love wearing silk, lace, or panties crafted from other fabrics, ensure that the underwear patch that touches your crotch is made from cotton. In this way, you are happy and your vagina.