Silk tie, and all the other formal accessories for men that you are missing on!


Billebon believes and upholds gender equality, and we have flooded our product listings with an equally eclectic range of silk ties, and other formal accessories for men, as lingerie for women. Be it clothing, accessories for footwear, men are not as privileged as women on the number of options available for their perusal. When you hunt gifting options for women, there is a never-ending list that immediately crops in your mind, but for men, you need some time to come up with the best gifting options for them. However, here you can grab some sexy lingerie for her, and stunning bows, and ties for him at affordable prices.

We have always believed in breaking the celling glass, and have often discussed topics that not many are comfortable talking about such as sex myths, menstrual and vaginal hygiene, breast cancer along with fun topics revolving around fitness, hair care, skincare, DIY and others.

In this blog, we are catering to our male audience and the women who are hunting for the best gifting options for the men in their life. I do not know whether it is just me, or you too feel, formal accessories for men can transform the personality of the wearer completely. Whether it is a job interview, or you are popping her the question, or meeting her parents for the first time, formal clothing can help you cast an unforgettable first impression. A basic white shirt and a black trouser can instantly change your overall persona.

None of the vital professional moments in a man’s life are complete without formal clothing and accessories. Here is the ultimate list for men to shop for their formal wardrobe. Women, you too can take notes, if you want to pamper your partner with some gifts or surprises.


Belts come in formal as well as informal wear. However, in the latter there are no restrictions in relation to colours, buckles, and the material, in the former, there are a few restrictions. No formal ensemble is complete without a black, or brown leather or leather-like material belt. It not only keeps your trousers in place on your waist, but offers a crisp look as well.


Though, a wallet is generally kept in the pocket and is not visible to everyone, imagine pulling out an over-the-top printed or coloured wallet from an elegant blazer’s pocket. Seems like an eyesore, right? Thus, wallets are an important part amongst other formal accessories for men.


Every man has one or a pair at the minimum, when we talk about watches. There are not many options available for men to accessorize their wrist, and the most loved one from this limited list is a wrist watch. They come in a wide range of options, but when focusing on the formal side, watches with metal or leather belts work the best. If you want to enhance your formal look further with a vintage vibe, you can get a pocket watch for that old-school touch.

Silk Ties

The first formal accessory that a boy puts on before becoming a man is a tie. Whether it is your school farewell or college, girls dress in saree and boys put on their suits with their best cotton or silk ties. If conferences and meetings are a constant part of your job, you might be having a bunch of these. Ties are available in a wide colour range, patterns and fabrics. However, silk ties look the most ravishing and elite.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are for adding a pinch of fashion to your subtle, monotone suit. They too are available in a bucket of shades, prints and patterns, and depending upon the occasion you are dressing for, you can choose the one. If it’s for an office event, go for a professional colour, and for a part or a not-so professional happening, you can play with colours and funky patterns.

Square Clutch

Suitcases are heavier and outdated, rather opt for a square clutch that looks classy, is lighter and keeps all your important documents in one place. They are generally available in all the shades, and you can choose from any formal colour such as black, navy blue, grey or brown.


When in an event, you want to take your formal look to an altogether different tangent, you can opt for suspenders. However, do not wear a belt with it. If you are unsure about the colour, pick the one that matches your shoes, bow, or tie.

Collar Brooch

Collar brooches look extremely classic and elegant, and while looking for collar brooches for your office events, go for the minimal ones. They single-handedly multiply the look of the formal ensemble they are coupled with.


You cannot wear bows on a regular basis in your office, but are a sure show-stealer when it comes to office parties, launch events or wedding receptions. There is no dearth of colour and print options to choose from, when it comes to bows.


In conclusion, these are some of the most essential formal accessories for men, and if you are at the beginner level, invest in the basic colours such as black, blue, and brown.