Say Hi to Menstrual Hygiene!!

In our last blog, we had an elaborative discussion about the advantages of using a Menstrual cup.

‘’Everything About A Menstrual Cup!!

Today let’s discuss some simple yet effective hygiene tips to be followed during menstruation, so you have a smooth chum’s experience.

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Simple Menstruation Hacks

Simple Menstruation Hacks

Once a girl hits puberty, menstruation is her new friend until the next 30-40 years. Every woman bothers over the thought of those FIVE DAYS, because of the discomfort, the body aches and the mood swings that come along Menstruation. A simple hack is to give yourself the best night dress for ladies in India to reduce your period stress and add in some happiness. While this cannot be done each month, here is a list of few hygiene tips to help you get through your menstruation smoothly.

DO NOT wear a Tampon


DO NOT wear a Tampon or a Sanitary Napkin for longer times

Many women tend to keep the same pad on for a longer period of time, either they forget to change it or are busy enough to take out time for changing their pad. This is an extremely wrong practice and if you are one of these women, please stop doing this NOW. Menstrual blood is basically consisting of waste and starts decomposing immediately after it comes out of your body. Thus, the foul smell. So, make it a regular habit to change your pad after 3-4 hours, so that the decomposed blood does not stay in touch with your vagina for a longer time. The same logic applies to Tampons. In fact, it is specifically mentioned to change a tampon after every 4 hours to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome. Also, the primary reason for a bacterial infection or excessive itching during menstruation is this decomposed blood being near your vagina for a longer time interval.

Maintain cleanliness in your pubic area

Whether menstruating or not, in my opinion every woman should be clean down there. Cleaning your pubic hair is the first step in maintaining your vaginal hygiene. Especially during periods, it is important because pubic hair traps the menstrual blood that is flowing out. It results in a foul smell even after you change the pad or tampon, and leads to more discomfort and itchiness. So, always make it a point to keep your pubic area clean before your periods.

A strict NO to Vaginal Cleansers

The first question is whether vaginal cleansers actually clean your vagina or not? Our vagina comes with a self-cleaning mechanism to clean itself and you do not need any special cleansers for doing this. In fact many reports suggest that soaps or liquid soaps or other cleansers, hamper the natural Ph of the vagina making it itchy and dry. Thus, investing in vaginal cleansers is an absolute waste and they do bad rather than doing any good.

NO Unprotected SEX

NO Unprotected SEX

While many women stay away from sex during menstruation, many others do not mind it. Sex during periods is little clumsy due to the obvious reasons, but is not wrong or bad and is the personal choice of the couple. However, engaging in unprotected sex during menstruation, leads to infection to both the partners.

In Conclusion, for all the husbands reading this, cooperate with her, understand her and pamper her with small gestures like getting her a chocolate, giving her gentle massages or gifting her the best night dress for wife, are some of the small efforts you can do to make her feel good, in those days.