Leopard print lingerie set and other trends that will rule 2022!

2022 is a few days away, and there is pomp and joy in the atmosphere around. We are ready to bid ado to the past mistakes, the ups and downs of 2021, and welcome 2022 with the fresh opportunities and lessons it has to offer. The fashion industry, too, will transit; and any vintage trends such as leopard print lingerie set, basic black, blue, and red, and lacy nighties will be joined by trends brought by new designers.

This year has been full of informative blogs at Billebon. We busted myths endorsed by various industries to flourish, such as disadvantages of wearing shapewear, ill-effects of using vaginal cleansers, sex misconceptions and a series of such topics.

Make space in your sexy nightwear wardrobe, as 2022 will witness an influx of fashion, and you need to grab them all.


This is not a new technique of dying clothes, but 2021 made apparel dyed with this method, the most significant trend of the year. You step in an ethnic store, or a leisurewear store, online or offline, a high-end departmental brand or a flea market; all of them were flooded with tie-dye prints. They look stunning whether in an ethnic dress, a long or short 1-piece dress, a bra or joggers. The year-end fashion shows witnessed several designers making tie and dye, an integral part of their collection. Undoubtedly, 2022 will be flooded with tie-dye sexy nightwear lingerie.

Satin slips

Another vogue that is not newly invented yet has been hyped a lot this year, and assessing how it is ruling the hot night dress best-selling charts of every big, small, local, and global lingerie store, this one is going to be a ruling trend in 2022 as well.

Also, the significant part is that satin slips have been obsessed around this year, not as a hot nightwear option, but more for styling it as an outerwear option. A mammoth number of Instagram fashion influencers showed us several ways to style this nightwear, and many women bought these slips to wear them outdoors.

Whatever your take on this trend is, if you are a diva and do not own these beauties, are you a diva?

Long sexy gowns

In the early days of hot nightdresses, long gowns were the only ensemble available under the name of sexy lingerie. These gowns were designed from silk or satin and had plunging necklines and deeper backs. This was a must-have in every bride's trousseau. However, as the hot nightwear industry kept evolving, long gowns took a backseat until 2021. It will not be an overstatement that revamped and reintroduced this long-forgotten vintage trend this year.

Leopard print lingerie set

Animal prints have an unbroken connection with human minds, and as a result, the fashion industry is heavily influenced by this trend. Animal printed lingerie is evergreen and has been ruling the market for years and will also dictate the top-selling charts of the lingerie stores in 2022.

However, have you ever wondered what makes a tiger, lion, cheetah or leopard print lingerie set, the sexiest trigger to set the mood of the on-looker?

Animal printed sensual nightwear reflects the wildness and mischief the wearer feels and turns on the on-looker's wild side. The wearer, too, feels proactively sensual and wild, and the result is never experienced before lovemaking.

If marriage is on the cards for 2022, you know the first sexy lingerie you need to buy for your trousseau.

Lace bra panty set

This year, enhancing the vintage lace bra and panty sets witnessed a shift from the basic lace sets to the ones with extra lace and frills. They look stunning as nightwear lingerie and qualify as a basic bra panty set under everyday outfits. The bras can be easily flaunted as mesmerizing bralettes under funky jackets, transparent tops, or blazers. Some of these gorgeous bras work as crop tops as well.


Since Shraddha Kapoor wore this beauty in a song from the movie Baaghi, and Deepika Padukone flaunted one in the movie Tamasha, there is no looking back for bralettes. Wear them as a regular bra, or fuse it as a sexy nightwear option, or wear it as a crop top or as a bralette beneath transparent tops, or tops with deep necks; your look is sorted.

The versatile options bralettes offer, do you still question their uproar in 2022?

Mesmerizing Marsala

The blacks, blues, and reds will never be obsolete in the sexy nightwear lingerie industry. However, one colour that is set to rule 2022 is Marsala. This colour is a mixture of blood red and maroon with rust. The year-end fashion runways giving glimpses of the trendsetters for 2022 were packed with shades of Marsala, and our prophecy says – Marsala is the colour of 2022.

These are the rulers of the hot night dress industry in 2022, and grab them all Now!