Versatile tops, ultimate gadgets, hot nightwear and other must-haves for 2022!

The time to bid 2021 ado is coming near, and there is a wave of celebration and positivity in the atmosphere. Let go of all the nightmares, sadness and negativity with 2021, and welcome 2022 with the new opportunities, hope and positivity it has under its wings. We need to welcome the new year with a fresh vision to make 2022 a smashing year. Do not worry; we have done the dirty job for you and accumulated a list encompassing everything from hot nightwear celebrating your body to eyewear with BLU Rays to protect your eyes and all the fun things in between.

Grab some popcorn and beer, and fill your shopping carts. The list goes as follows.

Hot Nightwear

We are a lingerie brand, and how can we not include this in our must-have list? (Pun intended) However, on a serious note, hot nightwear is not just to seduce your partner or make you look sensual and be his eye candy; that purpose of sexy nightwear has taken a backseat now. Step in sexy nightwear to celebrate your body, and appreciate your flaws and strengths, and accept and love it the way it is. We do not mean to stop wearing sexy nighties for enhanced physical intimacy, but before pleasing someone else's heart and eyes, learn to appreciate and love your body as it is.

Without any question, a range of sexy nightdresses has to be on your must-have list for 2022.

Neck support pillow

If you frequently travel on flights, whether due to professional commitments or love for the voyage, a neck support pillow is an essential part of your travel kit. Why have you not bought it yet?

Have you ever tried sleeping in a flight seat? If yes, you know how difficult it is to cramp yourself and sleep or relax peacefully on the congested flight seat. A travel pillow lets you sleep peacefully on a congested flight seat without stressing your neck, back, or shoulders.

Mark it in your must-have list now.

A new skill

Many youngsters today are either struggling to find a job, or are studying, or already have a job and cribbing about their life, their bosses, and everything else they can complain about. Also, the last part equally applies to the former two categories of people. In simple words, no matter what most of us are doing, social media connects us, and our loathing, frustration and irritation over things connect us better. I am not against social media; many people earn their bread butter from there; I feel sad for people who invest hours and hours on these platforms without getting any product returns.

So, make 2022 a game-changer. Do not waste your time on social media and learn a new skill, or enhance a productive idle endeavour you enjoy, learn a new language, or do anything else that upskills you in some way or the other.

Comfy Bra and Panty Set

Why on earth are bra and panty sets included in this list? Owning these is a common thing. Yes, I know, but here I am talking about a classy printed bra and panty set that can instantly lighten your mood. Our lingerie reflects a good part of our mood and has an animal printed, or a sassy lacy or a stunning pastel bra and panty set that expresses how awesome you feel on that day.

Also, that elegant lacy bra or the wild leopard print one can be the best thing to flaunt from a transparent top or dress.

Natural Skincare

Women and skincare go hand in hand, but have you ever analyzed how good these products are? Many studies conducted on the cosmetic industry suggest that around 65% of brands claiming to sell 100% organic skincare products include hazardous chemicals in some way or another.

How should you choose your skincare, then?

Before believing any promises made by a brand, assess the ingredients that go into making their skincare products. Spot the ones that are unknown to you, and research them online, and then decide.

Pragmatic Gadgets

No, do not invest in laptops, smartphones, earplugs or tablets that require you to sell your kidney. Practical gadgets make your life easy and not complicated with their extravagant prices.

Here are some of the most useful gadgets for 2022.

o Safety Sirens that buzz aloud and help you in nightmare-like situations.

o Smartwatches help you track your everyday steps, blood pressure, and heart rate.

o Wi-Fi Boosters ensure you never have network issues.

o Electric choppers, your best friend in the kitchen

o Parking Camera for your cars

Multipurpose Tops

Another cliché? No! Invest in tops for women that multitask, in other words, work both as a formal and an informal option. This 2022, save more and invest rather than plunging on things you do not need. Buy a top that can work with a suit and a skirt so that you can restyle it for a meeting and a lunch date or a casual shopping spree.


In a nutshell, do not repeat the mistakes from your past; work to enhance your present for the best future.

Happy New Year!