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At Billebon, we cater to the lingerie needs of every woman of every size. We firmly believe that beauty comes in every shape and size, and everybody is different from others and beautiful in its own special way. The world has been stereotyping people on the basis of their size and colour since ages, and slowly but steadily the mindset is changing.

In one of my initial blogs, I had discussed at length about body positivity.


SOCIAL MEDIA – A word that you all are very well acquainted with, and if not, in which cave are you living actually?

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the most famous social media platforms, and if a thing that in real sense connects the globe, it is these social media portals. No matter what your gender, age, occupation, financial status, or literacy is, everyone is there on social media – from the biggest celebrities of all times to newborn babies. Don’t get me wrong, but we literally breathe social media. The pandemic has worsened the already bad situation where people can compromise on anything but give up on their Facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts.

What is wrong then

What is wrong then?

Social media, if used prudently, is one of the biggest boons to mankind. The growing online businesses, the rising numbers of social media influencers, and the upscale of digital marketing are some of these. The digital world is growing and has reached a point where if you do not use Facebook or Instagram, people judge you and doubt your relevance.

Does being active on social media automatically make you safe from judgement?

NO, not at all, have heard about trolls and cyber bullying? With the decreasing net rates in India and increasing number of cheap smartphones, a good number of people out there hide behind fake profiles, and come here only to spill the venom they have in their heart. No one is spared – whether a big celebrity, a commoner, a sportsperson or a newborn, everyone is trolled.

body positivity

On the one hand, we talk about body positivity. On the other hand, people are brutally trolled for their body type, skin colour, facial features, economic status, and practically everything that makes one person different from the other. Drape yourself in a full covering gown, they call you outdated, dress in the best night dress for women irrespective whether too short or medium length, they slut-shame. Trolling and cyberbullying increases with the amount of popularity you enjoy.

Social Media and mental health

Social Media and mental health

Almost every influencer or celebrity maintains that they ignore the haters and try indulging in the love people pour on them on the social media portals. But can they actually avoid them when the trolling is not healthy fun but can extend to abuses, curses, name calling, body shaming and can go to an extent of death threats and rape threats to you and your loved ones.

The thinner bodies, plump lips and the extravagant lifestyles of people who we follow on social media racks mental health of the person who is struggling due to the body issues or financial problems in real life.

In conclusion, social media is nothing but fictional distraction from reality and a miracle of filters. Do not let it fickle with your mind.

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