Perfect-fit women lingerie & nightwear and other tips to enhance breast health!

A woman’s breast is a delicate part of her body which needs special care and it's important to make better lifestyle choices to enhance breast health. It has become more vital in the present day as the number of women suffering from breast cancer is rising each year.

Billebon understand the cruciality of spreading awareness regarding breast cancer, and every now and then covers topics that take a woman’s health in focus. Breast cancer is curable in a majority of cases if detected at an early stage. The initial signs of breast cancer can be observed easily, and a woman needs to know them, and should never ignore any sudden change in the shape or size of her breasts or any lump formation.

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In this blog, we are highlighting healthy lifestyle tips that will help you in bettering your breast health and keep breast cancer at bay.

Keep a check on your body weight


If your body weight exceeds your BMI that is Body Mass Index that can indirectly contribute to the symptoms of breast cancer. Do not skip your workout, and involve in as much physical activity as possible to stay fit.  

balanced diet

A balanced diet

Talk to a doctor, or you can research it yourself about the foods that are better for your breast health. Indulge in food items such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, berries, citrus fruits, and cherries enhance the wellness of your breasts. A nutritional balanced diet is not only better for your breasts but the wholesome health of your body.

Right size bra

Right size bra

Wear bras that fit you accurately – neither too tight nor too loose. Wear bras that prudently support your boobs. In the case of sports bras, replace them after every six months. Take off your bra before hitting the bed, as your breasts too need to breathe. Moreover, in case of transparent dress for women and other outfits as well, do not go for tighter top wear as it may interfere with your breast health.

Alcohol and smoking

Alcohol and smoking

Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking is in every way bad for an individual. High consumption of alcohol is one of the contributing factors in breast cancer. Smoking also increases the risk of lung and breast cancer.

Acclimatize with your breasts

Breast cancer is curable at the early stages, and if you keep a proper check on your breasts, it is not difficult to notice the initial signs of breast cancer. Understand how your breasts look and feel so in case there is even a slightest change, you observe it quickly without any delay. If you ever feel a lump irrespective of how small it is, make it a point to see a doctor and get it examined. Your breasts might pain at times – normal, but if there is a chronic aching – visit a doctor immediately.

In conclusion, stressing over breast cancer is not a thing but being aware about the same is important. Also, do not forget to browse through our website to check our latest regular and plus size sexy dress for women.