A decade ago, could you imagine a plus size model walking on the ramp or a chubby woman being a leading lady in a commercial Bollywood film or a darker skinned actress being one of the most highly paid and one of the most loved faces in the country? Your answer probably would be ‘NO’. Once upon a time, hot night dress for ladies and other sexy, figure-hugging outfits were categorically made only for the slim female members of the society.

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However, the wave of body positivity that swayed around the globe in 2012 preached every woman to be confident in their body type and take pride in their skin colour and the way they looked irrespective of the age-old definition of beauty that was injected in every women’s mind since inception. Indian women too were not behind and they soon started endorsing body positivity which triggered a dynamic change in the fashion industry. Hot night dress for ladies in India and the other sexy outfits such as LBDs were now made considering all the prevalent sizes in the country.

Lets dig deep into the parameters of Body Positivity.

1. My waist size is none of your concern-

For a considerable long period of time, every other Indian movie had a chubby character just for the sake of being mocked and to pull out some fat jokes. Fat-shamming was not only reserved for movies but also in real life where anyone larger than the society’s accepted normal size was a centre of joke from school to family functions.

The accelerating trend of treating every size as beautiful which was initiated by the 2012 wave of body positivity was accelerated by a Bollywood film which introduced Indian audience to an 89kg female main lead shunning all the body-type norms existing then. This bold step by a leading production house paved way for many other designers who started making apparels fitting all sizes and also plus size models walking the ramp displaying these outfits.

2. Six shades of beauty and everything in between-

Human skin comes in six shades and almost 36 skin tones varying between these shades. No one ever questioned that though God created six beautiful skin shades yet, why only a particular skin shade was considered beautiful and others were discarded as being inferior. A country like India, which predominantly has inhabitants falling in the darker skin category, has for years obsessed over fairer skin tones. Our television commercials have for decades displayed only the fair shades of beauty and pressurized our exotic darker beauties to lighten their skin tone to fit in the socially accepted definition of beauty.

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Few years back as the concept of body positivity gained impetus, myriads of women came forward and debunked these beauty standards and openly called out Fairness cream companies and their racism-promoting advertisements. Many high-end cosmetic brands augmented the range of their makeup products to cater the need of as many skin tones as possible.

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