Read this before wearing shapewear the next time you step in a one-piece sexy dress for women!

Billebon uplifts the beauty of women in every shape and size! Yet, obesity is harmful and in many blogs, I have discussed some tips that can help you maintain your ideal weight.


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Billebon just does not believe but wholeheartedly stands with the concept of Body Positivity. Every woman has a right over sexiness and no size barriers or waistline restrictions can dictate this notion. Thus, Billebon offers you a range of sexy nightwear that embraces every body type.

However, when it comes to sexiness and beauty, many still presume thinner waistlines to be sexier than the thicker one. Thus, the concept of shapewear was incepted and has become extremely popular over the years. You can easily hide the fat around your target areas with the help of shapewear under any outfit of your choice.

use of shapewear

The A list celebrities have popularized the use of shapewear as every one of them, even the skinniest of them all prefer to slip into tummy-tucking shapewear for their Red Carpet or any other prominent events.

However, the deal is not that simple, and wearing shapewear cast numerous negative ramifications on the body.

Exposure to Urine Infections

It’s pretty obvious that when you are wearing something that is difficult to get in and out from, you will postpone peeing as much as you can. However, this can result in a number of urinary infections.

Compressing Your Organs

Compressing Your Organs

What the vintage corset did to the women then, the contemporary shapewear exactly does that to the women today. When the shapewear squeezes the fats around your target area, it equally compresses the internal organs there that can lead to a variety of complications in the long run.

Acidity Issues

Acidity Issues

Shapewear is most commonly used to tuck the fats near the tummy area. Thus, when the stomach is squeezed in order to conceal the fats around it, the digestive system is not very pleased with it. thus, it often leads to acid reflux and heartburn.

Bloating and Gas Problem

Bloating and Gas Problem

When your tummy is squeezed, the digestive system does not process normally due to this compression. In a number of cases, it results in bloating and gas problems. Though temporary, but it is a nasty thing.

Bad for Bladder Issues

If you are suffering from any bladder issues already wherein you need to pee often, in such cases shapewear can be your worst nightmare. With all that squeezing, you might have those urgent peeing sensations more than often and in some extreme case, there might even be bladder leaks.

A Sensation of Tingling and Numbness

Remember as a kid, our elders used to confront us for putting too many hair bands around our wrist with the fear of cutting through our blood circulation. A similar notion applies in the case of shapewear as well. When you wear it for too long, it compresses an essential nerve in your thighs which lead to a tingling effect, numbness and pain in your legs.

These ramifications can also lead to long-term issues if you wear shapewear regularly. Thus, in place of hiding fats, eat healthily and exercise to lose it instead while stepping in a night hot dress for women sexy or any other outfit for that matter.