Is India Taking on the Fashion Industry? You can best bet that it is

It is indeed interesting how a conversation that was only mentioned behind closed doors among women is now something that can be discussed in a public place with a casual tone in it. Perhaps, the modern world has become home to a more liberal view around a lot of topics that used to be taboo and that includes the use of lingerie.

A sexy night dress for women has become a staple piece of item that has become a must-have in their growing collection within their wardrobes. Moreover, the vast number of options; may it be a simple pair of bra or a 2-piece night dress for women in India, has made it even easier to shop with the rise of lingerie online shops.

These developments have become the key for the country to boost its economic revenue especially with its growing popularity that does not show any sign of slowing down. It has become so famous that in fact, 85% of the total production for lingerie comprises producing bras alone. This translated to massive sales of around 3 billion dollars back in 2017 and is projected to reach around INR 275 billion by 2023 before the novel coronavirus took its toll.

The media, specifically Bollywood, played a significant role for this achievement as it has successfully marketed the lingerie with notable stars that used their influence in getting more women to hop on the trend.

Moreover, it is also important to highlight the importance of the shift from the traditional way of selling to the digital mode where women can simply browse through the options. This has drastically changed the game from women buying what's available to women buying something that they actually want - this includes size, color, and styles that they get to experiment with.

If you think this does not benefit the other sex then this is where it gets highly interesting as 25% of the total buyers are actually men who want to get the best night dress for ladies in India.

What's even more interesting about this is that most of these purchases do not only happen during peak wedding season alone as most men are also embracing the idea that good lingerie does not necessarily need an occasion.

With both sexes trying to get their hands on their best piece yet, the competition has also doubled as both international and local brands like Billebon strive to deliver to the existing demand. More and more clients want to invest in a good piece but for those who are still navigating their way through various designs, they mostly start by buying cheap nightwear dresses in India.

This is exactly what sets local brands like Billebon apart from its other counterparts as it understood the idea that though many women are buying lingerie, there are also those who are still trying to explore and this is why they offer affordable pieces without compromising its quality. Hence, it became one of the toughest players in the fashion industry when it comes to lingerie.