How India Carved A Name In The Lingerie Industry

India is widely known as a highly conservative country that is now leading the game in the lingerie industry. It is perhaps one of the greatest irony in the modern times where two conflicting realities exist. Let’s dissect how the leading brands like Billebon rose up to the challenge and are now continually providing women an avenue to express themselves however they choose to.

It is best to attribute the change from its earliest stages. Street vendors who use to simply hang their products for everyone to see made it difficult for women to shop in comfort and find the perfect fit for themselves but nonetheless, women still lined up for it since a pair of bras were considered to be an essential piece of one's wardrobe.

Then came the rise of the social media marketing that gave the local Indian brands the chance to rebrand themselves and change the way the majority of the population view undergarments in general. This became the industry's Eureka moment as it gave advertisers so much creative freedom in portraying their brand promise.

In response, the consumers who now enjoy the discreetness and privacy in their shopping habits rushed to their gadgets to check out various lingerie online stores in India to choose a sexy night dress for women. This has drastically changed their behavior as well as they did not just shop for a single piece of bra but also expand their choices such as choosing a 2 piece night dress for women in India.

A sexy night dress for women is no longer viewed as something scandalous but is rather a form of creative expression. This has changed the whole conversation and taboo that used to surround the topic and though there is still a long way to go, the majority of the general population is starting to be more accepting of the whole concept of what lingerie is along with its value.

The massive shift from the male gaze to women being able to choose made all the difference. Moreover, international brands tried to enter the Indian market but nobody knows the existing market better than the locals with its intricate designs that are fit to their preferences.

Aside from the cultural differences, local brands also provided cheaper options compared to their international counterparts which made it even more attractive to its consumers. The perfect combination of cultural awareness and accessibility was the key to its success that continues to rise and is now one of the leading industries that cater to women.

It also addressed other concerns that weren't brought up to the table before such as the lack of availability of stocks and the ever dilemma of having to choose between style and size. Sales assistants also lacked enough knowledge to guide their clients but this was not the case for online stores as they have customer service that they can talk to in private and have blogs that are available for them to read in their own time and convenience.

If you’re looking for the brand that continues to deliver, you can best bet that Billebon has it in store for you.