Step in hot nightwear and other ways to sizzle his Christmas and New Year’s night!

Christmas and New Year’s night call out for partying all night, getting wasted, and sleeping out the preceding morning. However, the pandemic changed our lives drastically and taught us to celebrate without stepping out of our house and having a group of people along. So, this year, you can party till you drop either on Christmas or New Year's night and reserve one eve for a solo celebration with your partner. How else will you flaunt your hot nightwear then?

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We have listed some sexy fun ideas to make his Christmas or New Years' night special in this blog.

A long drive

The first question that cropped in your mind is, how is a long drive so special that it qualifies to be done on a Christmas or a New Year's night? Let me break it down for you. In the first place, you will drive, and he gets to relax in the passenger seat. There is a different vibe in the Christmas season, and it can be best felt at night. Decorated malls, lit roads, and the chill breeze make your drive a special experience than the regular ones. Do not forget to get him his favourite ice cream and indulge in some yummy food from the late-night restaurants or dhabas.

Roleplay in hot nightwear

The best thing you can do together on a special night is make out without stressing about waking early in the morning to fulfil your daily responsibilities. However, special nights call for special ways, and you will not simply wear hot nightwear and let him rip you out of it. Play with your hot nightwear dresses, props, and makeup, and create a fictional character and an erotic story aligning it. Be the huntress, make him your patient, or be a sassy Santa, play with the hot night dress for ladies you have and pour in your imagination. 

Binge all night

Arrange for his favourite food, drinks, and movies he loves. Throw some fairy lights in and around the sitting area where your television is, and have the perfect movie date for the night. You can couple this treat with a long drive as well. If you need some time off from the binge-watch, drive him to his favourite late-night coffee place, restaurant or ice cream parlour.

Gaming face-off

Women can never say no to shopping. Similarly, men can never reject a night full of gaming, especially when their face-off is with their partner. You can get his favourite food and beverages and can spend the entire night battling in his favourite game. If you want it to be more fun, you can invite his friends and their wives and have a game-themed house party.

If your guy loves outdoor sports, you can rent ground for a night and have a full-fledged competition with your friends and his friends joining in.

Night in a boutique hotel

Suppose there is any boutique hotel in your city that is a part of his bucket list; what better day to tick the box before the year ends. Leave him some clothes with a note telling him to get ready by a particular time. Pick him from his place, blindfold him, and drive him to the luxurious hotel he always wanted to stay in. If he has no such hotel on his bucket list, you choose one and take him there. Order some champagne, organize a poolside candle light dinner, dance to his favourite beats, and dress in his favourite hot night dress for ladies and make the most of the room you invested in affluently.

Tent near the beach

Every couple deserves to spend a night on the beach, lying on the sand, listening to the sounds of the waves, and gazing at the stars. Many beaches in India offer tents and huts, making up for the most romantic setting. If the beach near your area has no such suites, get the ready-to-assemble tents, and make your paradise on the beach. Do not forget to pack your and his favourite food, drinks, bedsheets, torch, candles and mosquito repellents. A night on the beach is one of the unique experiences that every couple should have.

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Strip Dance

If you do not want to step out of your bedroom and want to be entertained the whole night, you can indulge in strip dance with a twist. You can engage in board games that he loves, and every time the one losing the round has to take off one piece of clothing according to the winner's wish. You can wear your boldest hot nightwear beneath a layer of other clothes so he does not reach the finale in a blink.