Hey you, wear a sexy night dress for women to celebrate you!

For centuries, women have been shouldered with unrealistic expectations and considered the secondary gender brought on the planet for men. As revolutions happened, the western societies understood the wrongs committed against women, and the females stood up for their fight against patriarchy and their upliftment. However, in India, there are two sections – one accepting the rules of gender equality, and the other still stuck with gender bias. In the first place, women need to understand their rights and vitality of self-love and appreciation amidst this chaos. If you are the one who wears a sexy night dress for women only for the sake of your partner, you first need to win the battle against your thoughts and mentality to uplift yourself and the others around you.

In the journey of getting a seat at the table, most women forget that women are not competing against men to prove the latter weak but to show their worth to the world. In this hustle, most of us are so carried away that we win every battle on the outside, but there still is a volcano waiting to erupt inside us. Life is a journey, and while on your way to achieving goals one after the other, do not forget to enjoy every moment of this race.

Sell-appreciation and self-love is the first way to tell yourself you deserve the world, and no one but you has the sole charge of your happiness. This blog focuses on various ways of appreciating and celebrating yourself.

Do not be harsh on yourself.

In simple words, set realistic goals. Just because someone from your stream, friends or family achieved a milestone at a particular age does not mean you also need to follow the same league. Everyone has a different success story, so do not let someone else's achievements drive the path of your journey. You follow the path you designed for yourself, and the rest will fall in place. Do not let someone else’s failures or victories decide your path and goals.

Achieve, relax, celebrate, repeat.

No matter how big or small a goal is, achieving it combines extreme hard work, patience and effort. Thus, whenever you tick a check box from your vision board, please take a moment to relax and soak in the happiness of achieving it. Today, we are in so much hurry that we have a list of goals to be accomplished ready and rush from ticking from one to the next. Could you not do it? An essential way of appreciating your victory is to analyse all the obstacles that presented themselves and how you managed to tackle them. Appreciate your efforts before moving to the next goal. Celebrate your achievements by buying gifts for yourself such as tops, dresses, accessories, luxury bras and panty sets or anything else that your heart desires.

Let failures be lessons, not obstacles.

Failure and success are the two sides, and your life keeps jumping from one side to the other. When you succeed, stop and celebrate, but when you fail, stop, learn and move on. Do not let failures become a deterrent. Rather, convert them into an experience that will teach you for the rest of your life. You cannot fight a battle against gender bias if you let a failed step push you down the ladder. Take rest, reassess, but never give up.

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Wear a sexy night dress for women for you. Do You.

Do things for yourself, whether it is about wearing a revealing outfit or covering yourself from head to toes. Do things that you believe in and make you happy, not what society forces on you. Wear makeup if you want and not because someone else expects you to look a certain way, and do not wear it no matter what the occasion is if you do not want to. Society has been setting boundaries and stereotypes for women for ages, and it is time now to break each one of it.

Take care of your health – mental, physical and spiritual.

Look after yourself from every angle – physical, mental and spiritual. It is your responsibility to flourish as a fit, healthy, high-thinking individual and no one else. Handle your family responsibilities and work commitments, but do not shun your duties towards yourself. Groom yourself, work on your hobbies, walk towards your spiritual upliftment, eat healthy, focus on your mental health, and take regular body checkups after 30.


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