Bow ties for men and other summer must-have accessories!

Summer is here, and the temperature is getting hotter. This is the right time to embrace casual dressing for men and make simple casual, and office wear more classic. However, you need to do this by barring the weather boundaries and avoiding experimenting with heavy fabrics. This blog enlists some of the most stylish summer-ready accessories such as cloth belts, hats, funky pocket squares and bow ties for men.

Before we dig deep, let's understand the fabric requirement for this season. Summer makes wearing heavy or non-breathable fabrics such as wool and others almost impossible to carry. Thus, your wardrobe should make way for light, breathable fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen. We understand that completely switching your wardrobe with summer suits is an expensive deal, so the best way is to accessorize your normal summer wear with funky accessories for men.

Let's bust the myth that not all men are fashion conscious and make all our male readers fashion ready for summer on a budget.

Fabric Belts

This does not sound like the first accessory choice for most men, but it is one of the best picks to make your summer clothing funkier. Woven fabric belts go best with shorts, seersuckers, boat shoes and practically every other summer garment for men.

If you are someone who has not styled fabric belts yet but loves playing with your looks, this is a definite summer must-have besides all the other accessories for men.

Anything and Everything in Linen

Whichever part of India you reside in, except for the hill stations and the mountain regions of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, scratching heat is an inevitable part of Indian summer. So, whether you are dressing in casuals or office wear, try including as many things of linen as possible. You can opt for linen shirts, trousers, blazers, linen pocket squares, and ties are also readily available. There is no denying the only shortcoming of linen; it's easy wrinkling trait makes the clothing look unkempt. However, the advantages of being lightweight, easy skin breathing, and getting smoother with every wash often outweigh the disadvantages.

Knit Ties

Summer dressing has to be different from other seasons’, and knit ties do it for you. If you are still attached to blue, grey and black ties for men, you need to take a sharp U-turn this summer. Unlike the normal ties, knitted ties are more structured and effortlessly add a dash of summer vibes to your outfit. If you have a limited budget for summer accessories, you at least need to grab one or two knitted ties, and they will help your summer game get sorted. A knitted tie adds dimensions, colours, and depth to your outfit and is more breathable than any other variety of ties. Knitted ties are available in various options such as striped, mottled, solid and dual-shaded, and they all look beautiful.

Bow ties for men

Bow ties cover less chest area than a regular tie and look and feel cooler than the latter. It is an unsaid rule of tying bow ties for men in a slightly asymmetrical way as it gives more definition and a refined look to your casual outfits. Also, rather than going with brighter shades such as neon, royal blue and others, opt for lighter shades. Also, if you are someone who always styles plain bow ties, make summer your holy grail for prints and polka dots.

Moreover, if you have facial hair like a beard or stubble, it will pull off some threads from your silk bow ties. Its natural, and you need not bother about it. In another situation, if your facial hair pulls off threads from your bow ties and you do not like it, you can go for finely printed or woven fabric bow ties instead of any other variant.


Hats, especially Panama hats, are among the best summer hats a man can have. These hats are native to Ecuador and still are crafted there with the traditional processes. There is no doubt that the best and the finest Panama hats come from their native region. These hats come with a leader's sweatband inside and a black hatband outside. Keeping the Indian summer conditions in mind, we suggest you replace the leather sweatband inside with a more breathable fabric or else it will lead to heavy sweating in that area. To make the hat look more aesthetic, you can change the outer band to any other shade, say brown, if you wear more brown clothing. You can replace it with any other colour of your choice.

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How can we skip this when we are talking about summers? India is a tropical country, meaning we are located near the equator and enjoy bright sunlight all through the year except for some very rainy or wintery days. Thus, sunglasses are a necessity for everyone, whether summer or not. Except for the obvious advantage of protecting the eyes from UV rays and extreme sunlight, sunglasses also make your entire look classier. However, choosing the right pair of sunglasses that compliment many outfits in your wardrobe is a task.

 Final Words

Make summer a standout season with your correct wardrobe and the right accessory choices like woven belts, ties, sunglasses, hats, and bow ties for men.