Neck support pillow and other essentials to make your travel perfect!

We have entered 2022, and with the new year and the newer opportunities, most of us have travel plans on board, whether for vacation or vacation. Traveling is fun, whatever the purpose is, but it might become a nightmare without the right essentials. Neck support pillows, masks, sanitizers, portable chargers are some of the must-haves that make every trip blissful, stress-free and comfortable.

Billebon has always prioritized topics that pique women like healthy diet plans, fitness, hygiene, sex life, etc. In this blog, we are highlighting 10 must-haves that make traveling fun.

Card Holders

Whichever mode of transport you choose, organizing your tickets, identification cards, passport (in case of flight travels), visa (international travel), and RT-PCR reports amidst the present covid situation is an essential part. The person who holds the queue at the airport check to search their documents in the depth of their handbag is the most hated person by the people waiting behind. Don't be this person. Get a card organizer that holds everything from your passport, visa, tickets, and every other important document and gives you space to hide some money as well in case of an emergency.


Traditional maps can be a savior in unforeseen situations, whether it is a road trip to a nearby getaway or an international trip. Thus, no matter how good your phone is or how prudent its network is, make sure to carry paper maps of the destinations you are traveling to.

Neck Support Pillow

This one is a must-have for a road trip or a flight journey. Imagine – resting or sleeping in a car or a congested flight seat, felt uncomfortable, right? A travel pillow makes this uncomfortable experience full of comfort with its pragmatic design lets you sleep peacefully without straining your back, neck, or shoulders. In an otherwise scenario, even if you somehow manage to sleep, you wake up with pain in your neck or back or shoulders. As the name suggests, a neck support pillow supports your neck without stressing your back or shoulders. This one is a must-have for every traveler, no matter how frequently or rarely they travel. The fun part is, your travel pillow need not be boring anymore, and you can customize it with your initials. Travel pillows are also available with hoodies, Bluetooth speakers, and other enhancements.

Power Banks

Whichever travel model you commute through, power banks are a must-have, even for daily travelers. Our phones have become a crucial part of our life, and keeping its battery charged is as important as keeping your stomach full. Flights have no charging points, cars have charging points, but the speed is less, and if you are two or more, it will take much time for each device to get fully charged. Railways have charging facilities, but some of these points work while others don't, and here as well, the charging speed is comparatively less, and the number of devices is more.

Universal Adapter

This is a solution to charge a range of devices at one time, and it also reduces the number of chargers you need to carry for every device you own. It comes with multiple plug and USB sockets so that you can charge your phone, speaker, headphones, and other gadgets at some time in one place. Universal adapters not only sort your life while traveling but is a true space and time saver indoors as well.


The biggest skin mistake anyone can commit is Stepping outdoors without wearing sunscreen, irrespective of the amount of sunlight or your gender. Sunscreen not only prevents skin tanning but also shields your skin from harmful UV rays and their ill effects. Thus, wherever you are traveling, no matter what the distance or the mode of your travel is, sunscreen is your skin's best friend.

Sanitizers and Masks

The pandemic is not over yet, and with the sudden surge of covid and omicron cases nationally and internationally, no travel kit is complete with sanitizers, masks and face shields. Though the vaccination drives are in full swing and most of us are done with both the shots, our biggest weapon against the virus is a precaution. Thus, wear masks, sanitize your hands well, and be extra cautious in overly crowded places.

Compressed Towels

As much fun traveling is, equally stressful packing is. You have space limitations, and cramping all your essentials in this restriction is a real task, especially for women. Thus, compressed towels are here to free some space to let you keep your other essentials. They come in small tablet-like shapes, and you need to keep them in a bowl of water for 2-3 minutes, and it retains the shape of a normal towel. This cutting-edge invention is a game-changer for travelers who love to load extra.

Female Urination Device

Road travels are fun, but a major shortcoming that women face is the availability of clean and hygienic toilets. This device shows how modern men have become and is a solution to years of problems faced by women while traveling. You no longer need to make those unnecessary stops at hotels to pee or compromise on hygiene in case of public toilets on the highways.

Eye Mask

Peaceful sleep is important for physical and mental well-being on an everyday basis, and many small things around you impact your sleep cycle. The amount of light in your room when you sleep is a crucial factor affecting your sleep quality. Thus, in situations when you cannot control the amount of light falling on your eyes when you try to sleep, an eye mask rescues you.