Hot Night Dress for Women and other Fashion Inspirations from Netflix!

For ages, the entertainment industry has always been an influential force in beauty and fashion. Now, as the sources of entertainment are widening and the horizons are not limited only to movies and television, all the other modes of entertainment have also started influencing fashion. Platforms like Netflix and others inspire designers, brands and trends in hot night dress for women, accessories for men, house décor, and other departments.

We have a long list of blogs that takes inspiration from Hollywood divas and help you revamp and restyle your hot night wear dresses and sexy lingerie. Billebon has also provided simple tips and DIY hacks for better skin and hair, breast health, menstrual and vaginal hygiene, etc.

In this blog, we shift our source of inspiration from Hollywood movies to our favourite streaming platform – Netflix. So let's look at some of the best web series on the platform that gives us fashion goals.

Tie and Pocket Squares from Bridgerton

If you have not binge-watched this series yet, you miss a major part of life. Bridgerton is an unofficial fusion of Pride and Prejudice and Gossip Girl. The series follows the life of London's elite club, and with tons of garden parties and balls, make notes of those stunning gowns, diamond jewellery, and tie and pocket squares.


Does this one need an introduction? This sitcom is flooded with 90s fashion, ranging from dresses, gowns, hot night wear, tops, comfy pyjamas, and tie and pocket squares for men. No episode of FRIENDS will fail to chuckle you, and if you are a fashion enthusiast, the show will not fail to disappoint you. The iconic character of Rachel, played by Jenifer Aniston, is one of the most fashionable characters from television, and her jeans, preppy skirts, and denim dungarees are still dictating the fashion circuit.

Hot night dress for women from Emily in Paris

This one comes from the makers of Sex and the City, and the least you can expect is some steamy sex scenes and equally stunning hot night wear dresses for women.

Emily in Paris revolves around Lily Colin’s character of an ambitious, young marketing executive from Chicago. She lands her dream job in Paris and juggles between work and finding love. Her Parisian wardrobe will win your heart and mind.

Schitt’s Creek

Catherine O'Hara plays Moira Rose's role and has won numerous awards for the same.

Moira Rose is one of the most loved divas from TV, and her designer wardrobe is flooded with red carpet dresses, monochrome outfits, and the most extra wigs to look out for.

Bling Empire

Bling Empire focuses on an affluent group of Asian and Asian-American friends living in LA. The series has several events where the cast is seen in designer ensembles and numerous expensive shopping sprees. The series gives us a glimpse of the affluent lifestyle of the elites in LA.

The Duchess

Katherine Ryan’s chic outfits in the series cannot miss a fashionista’s attention.

Katherine's stunning wardrobe is an amalgamation of feathered pyjamas, stunning headdresses, patterned tights, etc. She is the UK's answer to Carrie Bradshaw. The show shares its designer with Gossip Girls, and now we know why every outfit is so mind-blowingly put together.

Sweet Magnolias

This is a must-watch if you are craving some summer fashion inspiration. Floral frocks meet the southern drama, and you will love the lives of three friends in this feel-good series, along with some serious fashion influence.

The Last Dance

The series revolves around Michael Jordan and his last season with the Chicago Bulls. You can see an eclectic range of 90s styles for men, from geometric prints to pinstripe suits to stunning tie and pocket squares.

Next in Fashion

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate show for all fashion lovers ranging from everything between vintage, chic and contemporary. It is a fashion design competition show, and Alexa Chung and Tan France host the competition, spreading over ten episodes. Every moment of every episode shows the best of the competing designers, and you can have a book full of fashion influenza.

Netflix India has some stunning Desi shows and originals that serve as a fashion influence for the divas in India. Let’s go through these stellar pieces.

Haseen Dilruba

This stunning Netflix India original movie stars Vikrant Massey and Taapsee Pannu. Taapsee is seen in beautiful sarees with backless and bra-like blouses, which serves as an inspiration for all the divas who love to redo ethnic and add a contemporary splash to it.


Though this Netflix India original starring Surveen Chawla and R. Madhavan has garnered mixed reviews from the audience, it has some steamy love-making scenes and steamier-looking hot night dress for women.


Netflix has been a boon in the pandemic, and we bless them to produce more such visual treats with stunning fashion sense!