The ABC of lingerie!

Lingerie is an essential part of every woman's wardrobe irrespective of her age, preference, or other parameters. Lingerie is a small word, but its word is widespread. There is an eclectic range of nightwear and innerwear options that come under the definition of lingerie. India is one of the biggest markets for lingerie, and numerous local, international, new and vintage brands regularly make inroads in the Indian lingerie market.

With the increasing demand, and growing popularity, lingerie designers introduce newer undergarments now and then, and it might become difficult for women to differentiate between these. In this blog, we highlight and explain the basic garments encompassed together under single word lingerie.


Due to its hotness quotient, the bikini got its name from a nuclear testing site. This two-piece swimsuit is a pinnacle of hotness, and in India, no celebrity or film actress is considered sexy until she flaunts her figure in a bikini. These beauties are available with matching panties and a camisole or bra to go with it. However, the current designers are experimenting with colours and prints, and you may see several alternate colour combination bikinis ruling the market.

They come in various colours, fabrics, patterns, and string and strap options.


They are also called teddies and are a bra and a panty fused as a one-piece. Although it offers more coverage than other sexy nightwear options, a bodysuit is still sexier than the former. This is a perfect pick for his birthday night, wedding anniversary, the first night, Valentine's night or any special night.

Bra and Panty sets

Which female on the earth is not aware of these two? Women own them in dozens and wear them for the longest time of our lives. You can either shop for regular bra and panty sets where comfort is the only focus or pack in sexy lingerie pieces that qualify as sensual nightwear and basic innerwear. Animal printed, lace, silk, satin bra, and panty sets are the perfect examples of the latter.


A bralette works more as outerwear than innerwear. They are bras that work as crop tops. You can throw a denim jacket or a funk shrug or shirt, and you are good to go. They come in a series of patterns, colours, and fabrics and are ruling the lingerie market. They may or may not have pads and come without any underwires. Most bralettes do not have clasp closures and must be pulled and put through your head.


As the name suggests, these make your breasts look heavier, and for the nights when you want to enhance your cleavage, this is your pick. It is a version of a bra top covering the torso, while some bustiers that end above the belly button.


Yes, this too comes in the lingerie department. A camisole is a top curated mostly from soft fabrics such as hose, cotton, lycra, etc. It comes with a square or a round neck and straps. You can wear it under tops or dresses, pair them with jackets, shirts and shrugs, or as a nightwear option with a pyjama or a pair of shorts.


In simpler words, a chemise is an extended form of a camisole and ends above your thighs. It works as an elegant, sexy nightwear option.


This is the first form of lingerie that was designed for women. Though initially a corset was worn to make the waistline look thinner, now, they work as sassy nightwear options when a woman wishes to flaunt her curves to her partner or celebrate her body. We still get corsets that make the torso and waistline look thinner, but most women wear them to show off their figure.

Night Robe

If you live under a rock and are unaware of what a night robe is, let me help you. A night robe is akin to a bathrobe but is crafted from luxurious fabrics such as silk or satin. They are a perfect option for nights when sensuality and comfort are both on your priority list. You can also use it as a cover to conceal your sexier lingerie under it and then open it before lingerie or no lingerie inside; the court is set.


A romper, in other words, is a jumpsuit. It is a combination of a top and a pair of shorts together. It is an excellent choice for the nights when you want your sensuality to make a style statement.


If you type sexy lingerie in a search engine, the highest probability is of babydoll nightwear to crop in the result. In India, babydoll nighties are an instant pick for first-time sexy nightwear wearers. They come in a palette of colours, patterns and fabrics. Slit babydoll nightie is the current trend ruling the lingerie market and is accompanied by matching G-string panties to raise sensuality further.


With the number of taboos that Indian society has when it comes to lingerie, it is stunning to see the eclectic variety available and availed in the market.