Polka Dot Tops and Other Bestsellers at Billebon to rule this April!

We love observing our consumers, how the best-selling lists fluctuate every week, and now hero products are pushed by some new launches and some products that do not lose no matter how many new launches occur. Billebon, is an Indian lingerie brand, but we also deal in various polka dot tops and others, men’s accessories, maternity lingerie, and neck pillows. The confidence and the love that our consumers shower on us helps us strive hard and better our products and services each day.

We have a massive range of options with different criteria to choose from, and this blog brings you the bestsellers from all of them.

The Ultimate Sex Bomb

This stunning sexy nightie in red is one of the first products introduced at Billebon in the sexy nightwear range. Red is connected with love and is one of the most-preferred colors for sex or romance. This chemise set hugs the wearer's body prudently highlighting her every curve. Whether you are looking for a red beauty to celebrate a special night with your partner or want to appreciate your body, this sexy night dress for women is the right pick.


Bows for Men

We started as a lingerie brand, but we always wanted to have something for everyone who comes to visit our website. Our products' main features are good quality, stunning looks, excellent fabric quality used to curate these products, and an affordable price range. When we brought a range of formal accessories for men, we ensured that all these tick boxes were checked. There are numerous occasions when a man needs to dress and accessories formally, and we offer an eclectic range of options to buy from silk and regular ties, pocket squares, and bows.

Animal Printed Bra and Panty Set

This one has always been a part of the BB top-selling list, and you will not wonder why if you buy it. The stunning animal print makes this combo perfect sexy lingerie for your special nights or for the days when you want to feel good about yourself. Moreover, the perfect fit and comfy fabric feel like a second layer of skin to the wearer. This is a perfect regular lingerie set and a fabulous sexy night dress for women.

Polka Dot Tops

Polka dots are an evergreen trend that will never fade. This stunning top fuses the evergreen polka pattern with the best trends of the season – puffy sleeves, peplum style, and a stunning neck. This top works well both as formal and informal wear. You can pair it with any dark or light-colored bottoms, and they are good to go.

The Blissful Black and White

We have a range of polka dot tops, and why not? Our buyers love it, and our designers love to fuse it further. This polka dot top comes in the classic black and white combination, short sleeves, and peplum style fit. The top is available in a range of sizes and is a good option for office wear or casual wear, and everything in between.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

Whether wanderlust hits you now and then or you travel only when it is essential, a neck pillow for travelling is a must-have for long journeys irrespective of the mode of transport or distance. A travel pillow lets you sleep and rest comfortably while traversing, irrespective of the size of the seat. It supports your head without stressing your back, neck, or shoulders. Neck support pillows were one of the first products we sold and have always been in the top 10 list at BB.

The arms' length, the fabric, and the foam quality, and the low prices make this one of our many consumer favourites.

The Mesmerizer in Maroon

Red has a range of shades, and maroon is one of them. Besides the primary blood red, black, and navy blue, maroon has been one of the most-loved colours for the shoppers at Billebon. This stunning sexy night dress for women is available in a broad palette of shades, but this one has not left the bestselling list since its launch. The deep maroon shade, rich fabric quality, plunging neckline, and asymmetrical hem make this one the perfect pick for any special night with your partner.

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Silk Ties

Men love us too (for the sexy lingerie we make for their partners and the sassy men's formal accessories collection)! The silk ties have been on the top of the list for a significant part of the year. With these stunning ties, we made sure that silk ties were brought into the pocket range of every man, and they did not need to pay a bomb for them. These ties are available in a dozen stunning shades.


These are just the starters and hop on to our product listings to view the broadest range of high-end tops, bras, sexy lingerie, and neck pillow for traveling. Do not forget to check out the men's formal accessories section.