Every Shade of Blue Sexy Night Dress for Women!

Lingerie is a way of celebrating womanhood, and Billebon loves to be a part of this celebration. Our designers work on parameters such as good looks, perfect fit, unique designs and combinations, and affordable prices whenever we craft something new. We always try to add an element of difference, even in our simplest nighties. Moreover, colours play a big role in everything you wear and the way you feel. We try to introduce a different colour scheme to make our sexy night dress for women innovative.

Before diving into today's topic, let me ask you a question first. Which are the first two colours that come to your mind on hearing sexy? Let me guess, maximum of you will settle with red or black, and even if blue might have cropped in a few of your minds, the blue is reserved for navy blue. Billabong love breaking the monotone and offers you sexy nighties in an eclectic range of blue shades besides the basic navy blue.

We consider our blogs more than just a way to promote our products. We often discuss other important topics such as ways to add romance in your sexless marriage, right and wrong lingerie, medical situations such as breast cancer, and many other women-centric topics.

This blog brings to you X blue nighties from Billebon ruling the buyer's hearts and our best-selling charts.

Navy-Blue Chemise Set with Satin Border

Most people's favourite blue shade is navy-blue when it comes to sexy, so we decided to start with the same. This sexy navy-blue chemise set comes with a plunging neckline and beautiful straps. The satin piping in the hem enhances the elegance of the nightie further. This hot dress for women offers a tailor-made fit and highlights every curve of the wearer. The colour suits every skin tone, and these sexy nighties are available in all sizes.

Royal Blue Sexy Bra and Panty Set

Sexy bra and panty sets are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe whether you are in a relationship, married or not. Many women believe that sexy lingerie is meant only for the occasions with your partner to make the nights sexier. However, this doesn't seem right, and today sexy lingerie is not meant only for your partner's visual treat and pleasure. Sexy bra and panty sets make you feel confident and trigger happiness. It also lifts the mood of the wearer. Thus, whether you are single or seeing someone or married, this sexy lingerie set in royal blue is what your wardrobe needs. This bra and panty combo is crafted from high-quality lace fabric and comes with keyholes in the right places.

Navy-Blue Sexy Night Dress for Women

This sexy chemise set is a fusion of elegance, simplicity and sensuality. This figure-hugging chemise set enhances the wearer's figure with its perfect fit and comes with a lace piping in the hem. The plunging keyhole in the neckline is the show-stealer for this one. This hot nightwear can be used in more than one way. Firstly, as sexy nightwear, secondly as innerwear under semi-transparent dresses, and lastly, as outerwear by pairing it with any of your favourite bottoms and an unbuttoned jacket or shirt.

Royal Blue Cage Babydoll Nightwear

This royal blue hot nightwear breaks the monotone of boring, sexy nighties in India. It comes in a stunning royal blue shade and an elegant straight pattern with a beautiful caged neck pattern and a plunging neckline. It comes in a range of sizes catering to everybody's needs and compliments every skin tone.

Turquoise-Blue Babydoll Nightie

The most different shade of blue – is turquoise blue. Playing with this shade is a tough job as the brightness and the flash of the colour can prove advantageous with the right patterns and extremely wrong with the minutest error. Our designers did a good job here. They played safe with a black lace piping, breaking the turquoise blue monotone. The plunging neckline and the black straps add to the beauty.

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Blue and Black Transparent Nightwear

Added this one to the list because of the gorgeous combination and the sexy see-through pattern. This hot babydoll dress for women comes in royal blue cups with a deep neckline and a beautiful satin bow below it. The transparent black fabric that runs below the neckline makes this nightie one of the sexiest in the lot. There is royal blue piping in the hem, and the nightie comes with a matching black-blue G-string panty to elaborate the sexiness of the babydoll nightie further.


At Billabong, we always strive to do the same things differently. Hence, we presented you with the most stunning blue sexy night dress for women to make colour pops in your nightwear wardrobe.