Hot night dress for women and other gifting options for your bride-to-be friend or cousin!

If any near cousin or a BFF is soon getting hitched, containing the amount of excitement and happiness is almost impossible. It would help if you did several preparations, from diet and exercises to stay in shape to other skincare and haircare routines for complimenting all your outfits with more than radiant skin and beautiful hair for all the wedding functions. However, another important task is finding the right gift for your friend or cousin who is soon getting hitched. This blog enlists X perfect gifting options from tops, ethnic dresses, makeup, and beauty products to hot night dresses for women for the to-be bride.

Skincare, Beauty, and Haircare Products

No woman has ever said that she has enough skincare, haircare, or beauty products. You are the BFF or a close cousin of the bride-to-be; you are well acclimated with her go-to skincare, haircare, and beauty products. You can get her a restock of these, and to make the gift more impressive; you can give her a customized vanity kit to accommodate all her skincare and beauty products. Many offline and Instagram stores offer personalization options where you can get any hashtag, caption, or initials inscribed on the lid of the vanity kit. You can inscribe her initials or her marriage hashtag for a more personalized experience and in memory of her new relationship.

However, you can give her the makeup kit in any scenario, but do it only if you prudently know her go-to brands and products when it comes to skincare, beauty, and hair care products.

Vacation or Staycation for the Newly Weds

This is one gift option you can consider if you have no budget limitations or other friends or cousins contributing to the gift with you. You can choose any of her favourite destinations in India or internationally or a nearby resort or boutique hotel she has always craved to stay in.

However, before planning on this gifting option, ensure to check with her regarding her honeymoon dates or any other post-marriage wedding that the couple needs to perform.

Ethnic Dresses or Latest Tops for Women

If you are running on a budget or do not have anyone else contributing to the gift, you can give your BFF or cousin some ethnic dresses or the latest tops for women. I do not recommend the typical Indian heavy suits as what might seem glittery to you might seem too simple, and what might look basic to you might be a heavy deal for her. So, rather than gifting something she will not use more often, ethnic dresses and the latest tops for women are better options.

Ready-to-Make Healthy Snacks and Detox Drinks

Weddings involve a lot of eating irrespective of how fitness-conscious one is, especially Indian weddings as they are loaded with lots of celebrations and loads of food. It is obvious in such scenarios to indulge in everything that is served on your plate, especially when you are the bride. You can help the newlywed maintain her fitness routine after all the wedding ceremonies are done by getting her a subscription to healthy snacks and detox drinks if she is in a metro city. The detox drinks cleanse her system, and healthy snacks are good munching options for hunger pangs. The subscriptions avail her with weekly or monthly packets of these ready-to-eat snacks and ready-to-make detox drinks.

Neck Pillow for Travelling

If your cousin or BFF loves travelling or has to travel often thanks to her work commitments, a neck pillow for travelling is one of the best gifting options to consider. The travel pillow supports her head while sleeping when she travels, irrespective of the mode of transport. The pillow supports her head without stressing the shoulders, neck, or back. Many latest options are available with updates, such as headphones, speakers, and hoodies.

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SIP stands for Systematic Investment Planning. Ages ago, men believed that women did not understand finance and investments. However, like women have been debunking a series of myths, most women now have excellent knowledge about finance and the importance of investing. Whatever is your gifting budget, you can get mutual funds or SIPs of that value by deploying your investment knowledge. This is one of the long-time gift options that might bring her enormous profits.

Hot Night Dress for Women

This one is reserved only for the nearest friends and dearest cousins, and if you are not a part of this girl clan, this gifting option is not for you. But if you are, you have heard a number of her fantasies while having some naughty conversations or games like never have I ever, and know her sensual personality to some level. So, for the sake of all the secret sex jokes, you get her a hot night dress for women that fully tells her you still remember all her inside jokes. However, while opting for this gift, ensure to get her accurate measurements handy.